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T2F, Sunset Lane 5, Karachi, Pakistan
Nov 23
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Join us at T2F on 23rd and 24th November at 8pm for a theatrical performance of ‘Jaun by Fringe Karachi Repertory’. The event is not a recital, it is a theatrical performance based on the works of Jaun with a narrative weaved somewhere between impressionist and abstracted frameworks. It is adapted for performance by Zohair Raza collaborating with Hammad Khan, Sehrish, Aqeel Ahmed, Najma Kifayat and Adnan Jaffar.

The play has a classical narrative structure but instead of the events, it is designed over Kaifiyaat and as a result the following synopsis do not have an orthodox explanation of events and motivations but still this play contain characters which have an arc to their transformation based on the three act structure.

Jaun was everything but what the masses have decided who he was: a depressed joker who writes word play on his ex-lover. Jaun Elia, born into a family of learned men, was immensely inspired by his father, Allama Syyed Shafiq Hasan Elia, who was a polymath. Yet, he resented or at times feared this immense thirst for knowledge. He was aware of the fact that his father, who was interested in astronomy and philosophy, among other things, had a regular correspondence with Greenwich observatory and with the famous Bertrand Russell. He was also aware of the fact that his fathers household expenses were bared by his elder uncle. Jaun knew that the path to knowledge is the path to financial failure but still he chose this path on his own accord. Unlike what we have perceived of Jaun as a wandering carefree alcoholic or distressed genius, he was trying to give his fathers lifelong love affair with knowledge a closure. He was trying to fulfil his promise he made to his dying father that he will publish his multi-lingual and multi-subjective works. Most of his life, Jaun refrained from publishing his own works because of the aforementioned promise. Upon publishing his first book, he didn’t feel guilt but defeat; because, despite his numerous efforts, no one was willing to publish books for which there was no audience left alive. 

In this play, we have tried to give it a closure, although a tragic one, it tries to shy away from the popular poetry of Jaun and find a narrative in some other ones in which we don’t see Jaun the performer, but Jaun the introspect. He was an optimist who eventually lost all hope and believed that his talents were wasted. But what it was that he considered as talent? To find this answer we turned our attentions to farnood, his collection of essays and prose and discovered that he was a philosopher modernist of subcontinent. At times, he seemed more comprehensible than Mullah Sadra and more courageous and inclusive than Iqbal since for Jaun, religion was secondary. From there, we were redirected to his poetry and eventually to a conclusive answer. He was a philosopher, but his talents were in the manner with which he communicated his ideas and struggles with the populace he considered as repeaters or Goonj of what is not their own; who were snobbishly obsessed with writing research on Chacha Ghalib in Firangi Zaban , the boozna who won a tree full of apples by mimicking human and lost at the same time. 

Shaayar to bas do hain, mir taqi aur mir jaun
Baqi jo hain Shaam o saher khairiyat say hain

About the Group:
Fringe Karachi repertory is a collective of theatre graduates and practitioners. Our objective is to step away from conventional theatre practices and explore new narrative treatments with a focus on, eventually, developing original content. 

Dates: Friday, 23rd November 2018 & Saturday, 24th November 2018
Place: Faraar Gallery, T2F
Time: 08:00 PM - 09:00 PM
Entry: Rs. 300/- (Available at Venue)

*Gates open at 07:30PM*

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