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Karachi Marriott Hotel, Abdullah Haroon Road, Karachi, Pakistan
Jan 26
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What to expect?

These will feature the speaker sharing his knowledge and insight with the audience. In the middle and at the end of the session, the floor is open to questions.

Focused training sessions with the speaker, including activities and discussions.

A panel of scholars to answer live with the floor open to questions from the audience.

An assortment of these to choose from scarves, jackets, books, magazines, and other cute paraphernalia!

Ranging from beautiful recitation to amazing poetry, there’s something for everyone.

An exclusive children’s area where your child is kept busy and entertained as you go about the conference.

Mothers with little ones under five years of age can attend the sessions with their babies here.

Chat with your favourite speaker or consult with them for your queries, they’re here for you!

Sessions exclusive to women by female scholars of the highest caliber incorporating discussions and training.



Dr Haitham Alhaddad
Shaikh Dr Haitham al-Haddad is a London-based Islamic Scholar and a prominent Muslim community leader. He was born and raised in Saudi Arabia and is of Palestinian origin.   Dr Haitham al-Haddad is a jurist and serves as a judge for the Islamic Shariah Council (UK & Eire). He currently holds the position of chairperson […]

Dr Muhammad Salah
Muhammad Salah is one of the well-known scholars in US. He is a PhD holder in Comparative Fiqh. He had his MBA in Islamic Studies from Cloverdale College, Theological Foundation – Indiana, USA. He obtained his BA in Shari‘ah and Islamic Law from the University of Al-Azhar in Egypt and a BA in pharmacology. He […]

Abdur Raheem McCarthy
Abdur Raheem McCarthy is an American scholar with Irish roots. The Shaykh accepted Islam in 1994 and from there travelled to Sudan to begin his Islamic Studies. He furthered his studies by relocating to Saudi Arabia to study Quraan, Tajweed, and the Arabic language. He graduated from the faculty of Da’wah and Usool Ad-Deen. Since […]

Sheikh Bilal Ismail
Shaikh Bilal Ismail was born in Durban, South Africa. He memorized the Qurʾan while studying at school and went on to complete high school in 1998. Sheikh Bilal then went on to do a diploma in Computer Science in 1999, as well as qualifying as a Microsoft certified systems engineer. He was accepted into the […]

Sheikh Zahir Mehmood
The founder and principal of As-Suffa Institute & Outreach. Shaykh Zahir was born and raised in the United Kingdom. After formal school studies, he began his journey of studying the sacred sciences at Darul Uloom, Bury culminating with an ijaazah (certificate) to teach from Darul Uloom, Newcastle, South Africa. Shaykh took on the role of […]

Wael Ibrahim
Founder and Chairman of Connect Institute worldwide, of Serving Islam Team in Hong Kong, he is a B.A. in Islamic Studies, a Certified Master Life Coach and a professional trainer. Brother Wael also hosts a radio show, Ask a Muslim, in Hong Kong, along with being a full time teacher and speaker.

Dr Hafiz Hamza Madani
Qari of Saba Ashra Qira’at learnt both Sughra and Kubra with 80 different ways of Qira’t. Asst Professor Imam Muhammad Bin Said University Riyadh Principal faculty of Quran in Lahore Islamic University, Lahore Imam Taraweeh Faisal Masjid Islamabad PhD in Hadeeth from Islamic University Bhawalpure Recorded whole Quran in different Qira’at in Kuwait before 18 […]

Sister Calisha Benette
Calisha Bennett is the founder of Developing Diamonds and has over twelve years of experience as an active community leader, speaker, teacher and mentor of Muslim women and youth. Specialising in Islamic identity coaching and personal development, Calisha has taught and spoken to countless audiences in Muslim and non-Muslim communities. In her years of community […]

Sis Aiasha Amir
Aiasha Amir Khan holds a B.Sc. from Punjab University. She studied Quran with Huma Najmul Hassan at Al-ilm Institute, and went on to study Arabic grammar and tajweed. She joined the administration of Al-ilm, and later became a trainer. Sister Aiasha has been conducting an advanced level programme at Al-ilm institute since 2014. She is […]


Masha Allah, Pakistan is richest country in terms of youth population. Sincere guidance, kind supervision and adequate training can turn this gifted asset into miraculous energy of positivity, which will be enrich with self-directed motivation and leadership qualities.

LiveDeen has turned a new leaf of its missionary journey by introducing LiveDeen Young Leadership Summit. LDYLS aims to provide open platform to youth to express their feelings, communicate their view points and exchange their ideas and innovative solutions.

In Faith Conference 2019, Youth Leadership Summit has offered the opportunity to the youth of age thirteen to thirty five for expression in terms of speech, communication through video development and exchange ideas of entrepreneurial solutions of social issues.

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