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Karachi Marriott Hotel, Abdullah Haroon Road, Karachi, Pakistan
Jun 11
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We have noticed that sometimes things seem to be spiralling out of control... 
You wish to work upon setting up a successful business but things just aren't falling into place 
You wish to fast following the sunnah, and pray timely salah 
You wish to run a smooth household, organise classes to spread the Deen-
But you just don't seem able! 
Let's get control. Become better leaders. 

What is leadership? 
How can we grow as leaders day in and day out by following the sunnah of our leaders from yesterday? 
Are we making a positive impact on the world, our colleagues and others? 
Shouldn't we strive to be the people of influence like Umer (r), Abu Bakr (r), Muhammad (s) and the others? 
Let's learn all this and more at LiveDeen's 

The Lost Leaders of Yesterday 
with Dr Rayyan Fawzi Arab, flying in from UK

Because we ought to get to the bottom of our lists, 
Be better version of ourselves!

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Contact. 0333 3041441
[email protected]


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