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Mar 10
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Termed as the disease of the 20th century, Stress has become prevalent due to the fast- paced life that has become the hallmark of today’s world. It is one of the biggest factors behind heart disease and causes immune system disorders, headaches, insomnia and gastrointestinal disturbances. It severely impacts our decision making, performance at work and relationships. If left unchecked, it progresses to chronic anxiety and depressions.

In this workshop you'll learn:

All About Stress — Learn about stress, including the typical responses, when stress can be good and bad, and what phases people typically go through when they are stressed.

Decisions About Stress — Discover what areas cause you the most stress and identify which ones are most important for you to change.

Managing the Physical Effects of Stress with Exercise and Nutrition — Discover some of the physical effects of your stress and then hear how exercise and nutrition skills can help you manage them.

Managing the Muscle Tension and Sleep Effects of Stress — Learn how stress affects muscle tension and sleep and discover some techniques for combating these specific effects of stress.

Self-Esteem and Pleasant Activities Skills — Learn skills to build self-esteem and increase pleasant activities in your life, both of which will help you become more resilient to stress.

Skills to Change How You Think — Discover skills to deal with negative habits of thinking that get in the way of living happily and effectively.

Skills to Deal with Conflict — Explore why conflict is so hard to face and how you can proactively manage and resolve conflict.

Getting Good Professional Help — Look at your own behavioural health, become better informed about when professional intervention is needed, and better understand how to find and pay for professional behavioural health help.


Register here at: https://goo.gl/forms/0GyE6F83lJg7zm8C2


Ticket Price (including refreshments and certificates)

Early Bird: 750 /- PKR (valid till 5th March 2017)
Regular Price: 1000/- PKR (after 5th March 2017)

Contact Details

Contact. 0321 8651457
[email protected]


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