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Park Lane Hotel Lahore
Mar 17
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Empowerment with Self Hypnosis

About the Course:
“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” -Carl G. Jung
Human beings are unbelievably creative, to such a point that sometimes, unconsciously, we can create a life that we don’t desire. To change your life the only way is to take 100% responsibility of your thoughts and beliefs, let go of the mental barriers and prepare for a radical change. This workshop focuses on helping you take 100% responsibility of your thoughts which influence your actions.

What You Will Learn?
1. Demystifying Hypnosis
2. Manage Stress and Anxiety
3. Identify Your Limiting Beliefs
4. Overcome Fears
5. Build Confidence
6. Self-Motivation
7. Make Better Decisions
8. Cure Insomnia
9. Improve Memory
10. Get Rid of Negativity
11. Program Your Mind
12. Managing Anger at Work

Who Should Attend?
We know that every Individual contributors, managers, team leaders have different challenges. If you are ready to get to know your mind better, communicate with it, and reprogram it on demand, this is the workshop for you. All this is under the guidance and supervision of USA certified hypnotherapist, organizational psychologist, Trainer and an HR professional.

For Corporate PKR 9,000 per person
For Students PKR 4,000 per person

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