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Management Association of Pakistan (MAP), 26th Street, Karachi, Pakistan
Apr 13
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Digital Marketing 101 is a workshop which focuses on helping participants truly understand the world of digital marketing and empower them to tackle the associated challenges head-on. It also assists organizations in devising a long term plan for their digital objectives while chalking out a clear plan of action to follow when entering the world of digital marketing.


  • Introduction to Digital Media.
  • Exploring Avenues of Digital Marketing.
  • Understanding Digital Objectives.
  • Expectation Management: what to & what not to expect from Digital Marketing.
  • Budgeting: how to budget for Digital Marketing.
  • Evaluation & Analysis of Performance.
  • Explore Best Industry example


Learning Outcomes:
At the completion of the workshop, participants will be able to fully understand the various facets of Digital Media Marketing and start to build a successful business case to add Digital in their overall marketing effort, effectively.
The workshop also aims to empower the attendees to start their very own Digital campaign, offering guidance and plan of action from setting objectives right down to performance evaluation at the end. 

Facilitator’s Profile:
Being a self-taught digital marketing expert, Mr. Raheel has the ability to break down the most complex digital language into simple terms in order to make learning easy and fun. Having begun his career from T2F, Mr. Raheel has worked with multiple big names in the country such as P&G, Teamants and UBL Fund Managers helping each of them reach new levels in the digital marketing world and earning him a nomination at the [email protected] ICT Awards 2016 for Best in Social Media in the country. 

Who Should Attend?
This workshop is best suitable for a wide range of staff pertaining to the marketing and communications department - especially drivers of Digital Marketing in and organization.

Contact Details

Contact. 021-35172431-34
[email protected]


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