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Karachi Chamber of Commerce, Aiwan-e-Tijarat Road, Karachi, Pakistan
Aug 10
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Lunch + Tea is included :)

This is what we will go through 

1. How to get your Amazon account up and running and making sales successfully when you don't even live in US or Europe. 

2. What makes Amazon so different from Ebay? Understanding Amazon Catalog system vs Ebay Listings

3. What to sell? How to source? How to sell? And where to sell? These are the key points you going to learn. 

4. Without traveling and without touching the physical goods, how can you get your stock reach all the way to Amazon warehouse?

5. How to leverage Amazon fulfillment network throughout North America and Europe. And how to let Amazon stock for you, Amazon sell for you and Amazon pick, pack, ship and handle returns for you. Let Amazon take care of things for you.

6. Why is Amazon concept so different from ebay? How to leverage 400 million Amazon buyers worldwide while living in your country.

7. Learn how to get your business up and get your income coming by doing nothing (setting up things on Auto pilot) Is this true to achieve an Auto pilot setup on a physical trade business? If yes, then how?

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