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Roadlink Travels and Tours
Apr 07
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The Journey is arranging a picnic trip to one of the beautiful and attractive peaks of Kashmir "Pir Chinasi".
Brief description:
Pir Chinasi is a hill station located in Muzaffarabad District (Capital of Azad Kashmir). It is sighted 30 kilometers from Muzaffarabad and linked through a metal topped road. Situated at a height of 2,895 meters (9,500 ft) above sea level, the sight presents its visitors with breathtaking views of nature’s beauty. Due to its lush green plains, magnificent weather and charming landscapes tourists from all over Pakistan love to visit this place.
Pir Chinasi is said to be named after a famous Saint Shah Hussain Bukhari. Devotees of Shah Hussain take pilgrimage to refresh their dusted hearts.
The sight and surrounding areas draped in the forest of pine, and oak trees presents pleasant summers and cold, snowy winters to its visitors. When visiting Pir Chinasi, visitors should be equipped with their own camping gear; because it is very hard to find a rest house to stay. There are only a couple of rest houses that are mostly found full or close. If you are lucky to find a room, rest runners charge too much for it. So, it will be more economical and more enjoyable for tourists to take their own camping equipment.
The site’s neighboring areas Pir Asimar, Phanwa Da Dana, and areas at the foot of Pir Chinasi; Jarran Phirran , Sakki, Sud Bun, Saran and Mushki are places worth seeing when visiting Pir Chinasi. Lodging services for tourists are provided at Saran by a tourist lodge.
When season is off between Septembers to April, there is hardly anybody to consult or ask anything. There is a private guest house where you can get accommodation, but it will be better if you go Pir Aismar after visiting Pir Chinasi and do camping there. Pir Aismar take four hours of walking track from Pir Chinasi, but atmosphere and surrounding natural beauty make it a very nice experience.
Date: Saturday, 7th April, 2018.
Booking: 1st come 1st serve
Day Plan:
Departure from Islamabad: 07:00 AM
Arrival at Muzaffarabad: 11:00 AM
Arrival at Pir Chinasi: 12:00 PM
Sightseeing/Photography at Top: 12:00 PM to 02:00 PM
Lunch at Muzaffarabad: 03:00 PM to 04:30 PM
Departure For Islamabad: 04:45 PM
Arrival at Islamabad: 9:00 PM

Luxury Transport
Services of Guide
Lunch + Drinks
Basic first aid
> From Islamabad: 1700/-
By Hand Payment :
Asad Aman
Muhammad Adil

By Easy paisa or any other mode :
Muhammad Adil
******** ID cards and University cards (one without any identity proof will not be allowed to travel)*********

• ID Cards
• Snacks
• Umbrella
• Joggers
• Cap
• Sunglasses
• Water(must)
• Edibles
• Beverages ,juice,energy drinks
• Medication if any
Terms and Conditions
Notice 3 Day before Last Registration Date – No Cancellation charges.
Notice 2 Day before Registration Date – 30% Cancellation charges.
After Last Registration Date – 100% Cancellation Charges.

1) I have not brought any narcotics and drugs i.e. shisha, weed, vine or other related item. If still found in my custody, team ROADLINK TRAVELS AND TOURS has the authority to cancel my registration at the moment. Also, if Police or other law enforcement agencies find any of illegal drugs in my possession, I alone will be responsible and team ROADLINK TRAVELS AND TOURS will not be liable to answer on my place. Also team ROADLINK TRAVELS AND TOURS will not refund money for that matter.
2) I will not physically or verbally harm any other fellow traveler during the journey and at the venue throughout the tour. Infact, I&


Contact. 0315-5306607
[email protected]


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