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Feb 03
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Endowed with a mysterious history, Rani Kot Fort is an amazing site with a 30km periphery. The mesmerizing fort holds century old secrets and enigmatic tales for all adventure lovers to discover and explore, as they camp through the eerie night and taste nostalgia.

TACTACK enables adventure lovers and thrill seekers to enjoy camping, swimming, trekking and star gazing at Rani Kot Fort amidst history. With an aim to promote sustainable tourism in Pakistan, TACTACK uses Community Based Tourism or CBT, to directly involve the inhabitants of the destinations where we travel to. Be it facilitation staff, outsourcing transport logistics, food arrangements, or anything else, a huge chunk of the profits go back to the local community areas we explore.

With TACTACK, you do not just get a guarantee for an exciting trip, you also get to positively contribute to the lives of the people inhabiting these communities.

We stay true to our principles; making sure we pump up the excitement and ‘Breed Responsibility’ into travelers so that we can contribute to the livelihood of these distant societies as much as we can, while exploring the undiscovered.

Trip Itinerary

Day 1
- Departure for Rani Kot Fort @ 5am sharp
- Breakfast @ 7am (en-route)
- Arrival at Rani Kot Fort @ 10am
- Trekking - Explore the outer wall, quick trek up to the highest point, absorb the views, return and cross the dry river bed to explore the opposite flank of this outer wall.
- Campsite Orientation and refreshments @ 1130am
- Lunch @ 1:00pm
- Exploration @ 2pm (Fresh spring, limestone rocks, and beautiful ponds)
- Head back to campsite @ 6pm
- Experience the sunset
- Rest
- BBQ Dinner @ 8pm
- Sky, stars, music

Day 2
- Trek to Sher Garh @ 6am
- Breakfast @ 9:30 approx.
- Departure for Karachi @ 11am
- Lunch @ 2pm (en-route)
- Arrival at Karachi @ 5pm

Cost (per person): Rs. 7,700/-
If in groups of four: Rs. 7,000/-

To register, please feel free to call or WhatsApp us: 0311 025 3117 or 0310 2172 720

Important to remember:
1. Only LIMITED SEATS are available for every event. Make sure to be prompt with your bookings.

2. Complete services are included (food, drinks, tents, and transport).

3. Carry your own personal items, sleeping bags and any other required belongings.

4. All payment deposits MUST be made at least 7 days prior to your trip.

5. In case you need to cancel your trip, make sure to contact TACTACK at least 72 hours prior to your departure in order to avail 100% refund.

6. In case any equipment owned by TACTACK is lost or damaged, the cost of replacing the equipment will be borne by the individual responsible.

7. We aim to commence integrated training programs to help empower these hospitable communities, helping them acquire tools to prosper. This means, a responsible and positive attitude is mandatory.

Contact Details

Contact. 0311 0253117
[email protected]


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