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chitral, bumburet,rambur
Aug 18
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In the ancient valleys of Kalash, the locals celebrate their annual Uchal festival to pay homage and commemorate the summer harvest of wheat and barley amidst music, dances, lights, and colourful exuberance all over town.

The three settlements of the Kalash are in three breathtakingly beautiful, cold, and green valleys which are narrower than most others. The slanting wooden and rock houses overlook the turbulent river that powers the mills and irrigates the farms. As you walk along the main market street, the towering mountains, the thick trees, the thunderous river becomes overwhelming the strong, wafting fragrances of jasmine.

If the raw nature is not enough to tickle a traveler’s fancy, the hospitality and culture of Kalash is bound to captivate your senses. On a riverside tea stall you may find a person playing rhubab (a stringed musical instrument), another may be found dancing alone in the fields, a merry band of young girls singing and dancing on a roof, and a traveler can almost be sure to be invited into one of the locals’ home for a chat over a cup of tea. The warm greetings, immediate friendships, and the Kalasha’s zest for life makes it hard to leave when the time comes. 

For this tour, we take on an adventure through the valleys of Kalash to experience their culture and harvest festival, Uchal, and to see the majestic Tirich Mir of the Hindu Kush from the heights of Birmoghalasht in Chitral, alongside the chanced sightings of Markhor, Pakistan’s national animal, at Toshi Conservancy.

Join Gerry’s Adventure Club as we take you through the beautiful valleys and mountains of Kalash and Chitral on this 6-day tour to experience the flamboyant culture of Kalasha and awe-inspiring beauty of Chitral.
Islamabad to Islamabad: PKR 19,500/-
Karachi to Karachi (via Greenline Train): PKR 35,000/-
Karachi to Karachi (via Daewoo Bus Service): PKR 33,000/- 

Note: People from other cities can also join us in Islamabad or Karachi based on the aforementioned rates or call us to discuss arrangements.
08.00 am, 18th August - 11:00 pm, 23rd August, 2017 

16th August - 25th August, 2017

Tuesday, 8th August, 2017
• Adventure Enthusiasts
• Families
• Friends
• Corporate Groups
• Photographers & Explorers
• Anybody Who Wishes to Join
16th - 17th Aug, Day 0 - Karachi to Islamabad (via Train/Daewoo)
Stay: Islamabad (Hotel)

18th Aug, Day 1 - Islamabad to Upper Dir 
Stay: Upper Dir (Hotel)
Spots/Activities: Local rest stops on the way

19th Aug, Day 2 – Upper Dir to Chitral
Stay: Chitral (Hotel)
Spots/Activities: Lowari Top, Shahi Mosque, Shahi Palace, Toshi Conservancy, Garam Chashma 

20st Aug, Day 3 – Chitral
Stay: Birmoghalasht (Camping)
Spots/Activities: Royal Summer Palace, Markhor Viewpoint, Birmoghalasht

21st Aug, Day 4 – Chitral to Bumburet
Stay: Bumburet Valley Camping)
Spots/Activities: Ayun Rose Gardens, Bumburet Canal Walk, Kalash Museum, Exclusive Live Music for our Group

22nd Aug, Day 5 – Bumburet to Rumbur
Stay: Bumburet (Hotel)
Spots/Activities: Morning festival in Rumbur, Night festival in Bamboret

23rd, Day 6 – Bamboret to Islamabad
Stay: Islamabad (Only for non-Islamabad members)
Spots/Activities: Local rest stops on the way

23rd - 24th Aug, Day 7 & 8 - Islamabad to Karachi (via Train/Daewoo) 
NOTE: Only travelers from Karachi will be provided with shared accommodation in Islamabad upon arrival and before departure. Travelers from other cities may discuss arrangements.

Package Includes the following:
✓ Transportation
✓ 4*4 (if needed)
✓ Accommodation (Sharing Basis)
✓ Bonfire (if possible on the camping night)
✓ Breakfast & Dinner
✓ Drinks & Refreshments (To be served with meals)
✓ Professional Photography
✓ Basic First Aid Kit

Package excludes the Following:
- Lunch
- Drinking Water
- Special entry/activity charges
- Meals in the train for travelers from Karachi
- Anything not mention in the package


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