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Khunjerab Pass, Kashgar, Xinjiang, China
Aug 07
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Initiated by Rishi Kapoor, there's this frenzy these days about who's whose daddy. Do you know who fathered the concept of modern day tourism? The Hippies. Yep. Yeh sach hai. The Hippies were the real freedom lovers who traveled to remotest of places. Freedom from what? From anything that tried to hold them back.
This year, our beloved nation is turning 70 and we still question, "India se to Azaad hogae, kia apnay aap se Azaad huay?"
Let's go back to the 70s on 70th Azadi celebration and relive the real Azadi, the Azadi from social norms, from anxieties, from complexes, from things that don't matter. 
Celebrate Pakistan's 70 year legacy with Tournado and experience the Hippie Azadi on Azadi Tour!

Acha kaafi lambi hogai, pitch check karein:

1. Azadi Tour - 12 days 11 nights trip to Kaghan, Khunjerab Pass, Hunza, and Fairy Meadows by Tournado.
2. Dates: 7th-18th August, 2017.
3. Investment: PKR 37,500/-. Investment hi hai jani. Crazy returns!

What do you get in return?

1. AC Train conveyance to and from Karachi.
2. AC Coaster. Aik dam heavy.
3. All tolls and taxes.
4. Food. Lekin train ke ilawa. 
5. Accommodation zabardast hotels mein.
6. CRAZY jeep ride to Fairy Meadows! YASSS!
7. Trekking.
8. Camps at Fairy Meadows.
9. LIVE MUSIC. Guitar shuitar hoga bhei. On scene. 
10. Bonfire at Fairy Meadows.
11. Basic first aid kit. Operation Theatre saath le kar nahi chal rahey though.
12. Official, next level photography!
13. LOADS OF LEARNING. About your nation, about life. D33p shizz, you know.
14. Aur kia chahye hai?

^Jo iss section mein nahi likha hua wo included nahi hai. Siyaasi games.


1. Mansehra. Asia ka biggest flag hai idhar, if you’re thinking what’s “attractive” about Mansehra.
2. Kunhar River.
3. Batakundi. Personal favourite.
4. Lulusar Lake. What a beauty.
5. Babusar Top.
6. Chilas.
7. KARAKORAM HIGHWAY. Dude, highest paved international road in the freaking WORLD!
8. Hunza. Needs no words!
9. Attabad tunnels and lake. Prettiest lake of Pakistan and longest tunnel in Asia.
10. Passu cones.
11. Sost, the last village of Pakistan! (Feels arahay hain na?)
12. Khunjerab Pass, the Pak China Border!
13. Bulbulik; a music school in Upper Hunza, Gojal. Imagine! Karachi tak mein nahi hai koi music school.
14. Gilgit. Yahan ke stray dogs hamsay ziada haseen hain.
15. Fairy Meadows. JANNAT.
16. Beyal Camp (optional). Ham to jaengay.
17. Naran.
18. Islamabad. 2nd most beautiful capital in the world.
19. Karachi. Lulz.
20. Had to end it on 20. OCD issues.


7th August 2017:

05:00pm: Departure from Karachi Cantt.

8th August 2017:

09:00pm: Arrival at Pindi Cantt.
10:00pm: Departure for Mansehra. Dinner on the way.
02:00am: Arrival at Ashiana Hotel, Mansehra (Grade A hotel).

9th August 2017:

10:00am: Departure for Batakundi. Breakfast on the way.
04:00pm: Arrival at River Kunhar for river rafting.
07:00pm: Arrival at Shan Guest House, Batakundi (Grade A resort). 
08:00pm: Dinner.
09:00pm: Aaj jaldi sona hoga. Because we have a long travel next day.

10th August 2017:

05:00am: Departure for HUNZAAA! :D Allah ki qasam, this route is worth experiencing!
Breakfast and lunch on the way. Pit stop at Lulusar Lake. Absolute beauty!
06:00pm: Arrival at Hunza. 
08:00pm: Dinner and night stay at Hunza (hotel is tentative as of now). Rest karein rest.

11th August 2017:

06:00am: Early departure for Attabad Tunnels, Attabad Lake, Passu Cones, Khunjerab Pass and one AMAZING place: Bulbulik, a music school at Gojal, Upper Hunza! :D

We’ll night stay in Upper Hunza this day. Seema Alkarimi, a member from Let's Home, will give us an opportunity to spend this day in Hunza with the locals. YES, WE’RE SPENDING THIS DAY IN THE VILLAGE WITH THE LOCALS! This is something very unusual to experience lekin fikar na karein. Seema hai na apko aik lifetime experience dene ke liay!

12th August 2017:

10:00am: Departure back to Shaheen Hotel, Gilgit (Grade A hotel). It’s a tiny 4 hour ride and we just have to rest Gilgit mein. Because NEXT DAY FAIRY MEADOWS HAI. Baat ko samjhein.
Breakfast, lunch, dinner, sab serve hoga. Fikar not.

13th August 2017:

08:00am: Departure for Raikot Brid

Contact Details

Contact. 0332-3451364. 0301-8261963. 0334-3551699.


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