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T2F, Sunset Lane 5, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
Apr 19
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From the star-duo Khalid Ahmed and Bee Gul comes a drama of inter-generational conflict that affects the lives of two women in contemporary day Pakistan. The news of young Amina’s rape is hushed by her family in the name of honor and remains repressed in history. Years later, a similar trauma in her daughter’s life sets in motion an endless cycle of desperate overtures which remind Amna of her own tragedy. Linked by a common thread of yearning and fear, the lives of Amna and Firdaus, desperate for the recognition of their own suffering, intertwine one night, and amidst heated debate, come together in a brutal moment of blame, guilt, and recrimination. 

Firdaus ki Dozakh is a subtle study of how Pakistan’s woefully ossified patriarchal setup continues to sacrifice women on the altar of familial honor.

Starring: Nimra Bucha, Khalid Ahmed, Sana Askari
Written by: Bee Gul
Directed by: Khalid Ahmad

Entry: Rs. 150


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