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Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi, Karachi, Pakistan
Jun 28
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Green Eye Production is a entertainment house for Theater, Movies and television. GEP needs to elevate and to revitalize the dramatic culture among the general public with its exceptional method for exhibiting entertainment, delight, unwinding, happiness, to redirect the consideration of Individuals from the usual chaos of life. GEP need to spread and make individuals familiar with the culture.
Sayyid Akhtar Hussein Rizvi, known as Kaifi Azmi (14 January 1919 – 10 May 2002) was an Indian Urdu writer. He is recognized as the person who conveyed Urdu writing to Indian motion pictures. Together with Pirzada Qasim, Jon Elia and others he took an participated in the most historic mushairas of the twentieth century.

The famous love story Heer Ranjha which exist at Jhang, Pakistan in 1766 described by waris shah and then in 1970 its written by kaifi azmi. This Time in 2018 the story have been adopted by Zarqa Naz and flavored it with our tradition And realistic live music with amazing entertaining acting in a narration form called " Dastaan-E-ishq (The Tragedy Of Heer Ranjha) Heer and Ranjha meet at a wedding and are fall in love at their sight. Ranjha remains on in Heer's town disguised as a cow herd. Love blooms however catastrophe strikes in the shape in an evil uncle Qaido who finds their love and starts devastating all odds of their joy. Zarqa Naz renamed the play in her variant of Heer Ranjha As "DASTAAN-E-ISHQ"

Umair Rafiq - Ranjha
Sabiha Zia - Heer
Akber Ladhani - Raavi (Story Teller) 
Sameer Hussain : Qaidu
Roohi Bano : Heer Friend
Ayesha Hassan: Ranjha Bhabhi
Faraz Chotani : Heer Father
Damyanti Gosai: Heer Mother
Samahan Ghazi : Qazi
Aamir Naqvi : Raja
Raheel : Saida
Farooq Bukhari : Ranjha Brother
Zain : Performer
Farhan Malik : Performer
Asma Noor: Performer

Music By : Anil Tahir Azaad

“Daastan e Ishq” is in hitting theaters on 28th June, to tell you the epic story of “Heer Ranjha” in a way you have never witnessed before.
The combination of music and art will move your heart and make you want to fall in love with the play.
So, Grab a ticket as soon as you can and enjoy the show.
Tickets available at Ground Floor, Atrium Mall & GHQ Atrium Mall

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