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T2F, Sunset Lane 5, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
Apr 06
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Aks Festival will open it's doors to the audiences with stories of unconventional love and bonding of non-normative families. While "Guru - a Hijra Family", will portrait South Indian transgender family, that documents centuries old traditions of chosen families among transgender women community in South Asia. We will also screen Japenese award winning film "Close Knit" that tells a story of a young girl who dreams to become part of her uncle and his transgender girlfriend's family. 
The evening also includes talk on "Court Eunuchs, Faqirs, Transwomen - a look at the Khwajasara community throughout history" with Leyla Jagiella and local experts from Karachi

Film: Guru - A Hijra Film 
6:45pm: Break
Dialogues: Court Eunuchs, Faqirs, Transwomen - a look at the Khwajasara community throughout history
Film: Close Knit

How to Sign UP:
Please send us an email with the title/s of the event/s, your full name, and phone number. If you are bringing friend/s, we would like to have the name/s and phone number/s for each person. We may also encourage you to give us the information about how and where you heard about us. 
Booking for Karachi events: [email protected] 

See program in PDF onhttp://www.aksfestival.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Aks-2017-3-ilovepdf-compressed.pdf

GURU- A Hijra Family
We, the Hijras, are born neither man nor woman. We are born somewhere in the middle. Our name was already mentioned in Sanskrit texts more than a thousand years ago. It evoked beauty, bravery, and straightforwardness. I try to act as a good guru towards my chelas, I want to teach them how to live properly. It’s not essential to only seek happiness, one must learn to be respected, says Laxami Amma the Guru of a trans family in a small village of Tamil Nadu, India. 
In “GURU- the Hijra Family” Laurie and Axelle empathically document the lives of a unique family through their great aesthetics of soulful music and cinematically intimate use of lenses. From the thousand year old sacred tradition of the hijra to the minute complexities of the present, Guru progresses like a poem recited by several voices in which the world is a treacherous playing field and where being third gender authentically requires a resistance that is stronger in numbers. 

Close Knit
Eleven-year-old Tomo is pretty much left to her own devices. Unwashed dishes are piling up in the sink and supermarket onigiri are all there is to eat again. Tomo’s single mother usually comes home late, and drunk. When her alcoholic mother disappears, the girl has to rely on help from her uncle, who takes in Tomo to live with him and his girlfriend Rinko. At their first meeting Tomo is flabbergasted to discover that Rinko is transgender. Rinko immediately sets about taking care of Tomo; not only does she lovingly prepare meals but she also succeeds in creating a new home for the girl. But before long, cracks appear in their perfect nest. 
The director, Naoko Ogigami (winner of Berlinale Teddy Award) in quietly concentrated images portrays the non-normative gender as a natural way of life and describes the value of families that are defined not by convention but by a loving and caring environment.

Court Eunuchs, Faqirs, Transwomen - a look at the Khwajasara community throughout history.
The position of the Khwajasara community in South Asia seems to be riddled with paradoxes. On the one hand there is a current situation that is often marked by social marginalization, violence, and moral suspicion. On the other hand there is a cultural narrative

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