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Jan 27
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Build Native Cross Platform App with Xamarin Forms
The purpose of this boot camp is to introduce the fundamentals of developing cross-platform iOS, Android, and UWP applications using Xamarin Forms. If you want to build mobile app for iOS, you need to know Objective-C, which is a timeworn. The alternative is to learn Swift. If you want to build the same app for Android, you need to learn Java or Kotlin. And if you want to build the app for Universal Windows Platform, of course you need to know C#.
Before Xamarin Forms it’s a headache for Mobile Developer and programmers. But now you can develop any kind of mobile application via xamarin forms and with a single C# shared code base. Along with IOS, Android and Windows UWP you can even build the Tizen, tvOS, IOT and Linux applications via Xamarin Forms. In precise now you don’t need to learn different programming languages if you’re a C# developer then it’s time to switch to Xamarin Forms.

Day 1:
 Overview of Xamarin
 Types of Mobile Development Approaches
 Architecture of Xamarin (Xamarin Android, Xamarin IOS, Xamarin Forms, Mono)
 Xamarin Forms Overview
 Installation and Configuration of Xamarin
 PCL, Shared, .NET Standard in Xamarin Forms
 Limitations in Xamarin Forms
 How to overcome the limitations in xamarin forms?
 Xamarin Forms Application Architecture
 Create Simple App in Xamarin Forms
 Xaml Overview
 Xaml Syntax
 Pages in Xamarin Forms
 Layouts in Xamarin Forms
 Controls in Xamarin Forms
 Xamarin Forms Ecosystem
 Create Application UI with Xamarin Forms Grid
 Create Application UI with Xamarin Forms StackLayout

Day 2:
 Overview of Rest Api’s
 Serialization Vs Deserialization
 Json.Net Nugget Package
 Consume Rest Api’s in Xamarin Forms
 QA’s
 Future Benefits of Xamarin Forms
 Partners of Xamarin Forms

Classes: Sat & Sun

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Contact. 0322-4400400
[email protected]

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