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NED University of Engineering & Technology - City Campus, Strachan Road, Karachi, Pakistan
Aug 04
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It is a platform that gives the students of various institutions all over Pakistan, with a spark of interest in aerodynamics, the opportunity to come together and participate in the voluminous activities that engineering has to offer.
“PropellAir“ is a two-day event, in which the students are able to practically test their technical and creative capabilities. The aim is to change the way competitions are held in various universities and provide the students a complete package where they will be able to analyze their analytical as well as technical skills. It is an event that will enforce the students to craft solutions to the most common problems.

Education and Competitions are intimately related. Theories learned in text books are put to practice in an environment where students can put themselves against others to see where they stand and learn in the process of doing so. Through challenging themselves, students get to fine-tune their skills and broaden their knowledge, taking learning out of the classroom and into the real world.
It will provide a platform for students who are interested in aerodynamics. It is about how airplanes fly, how we can build them and much more. 

This year we are also planning a quadcopter competition "Aerial Escapade"

We also host an Airshow where seasoned pilots fly their RC planes.

“PropellAir” contains the following parts over two day span:
1) Inaugural Session
2) Debriefing Session
3) Flying Session
4) Award Giving Ceremony

1) Inaugural Session:-
This session will consist of the formal opening of “PropellAir”, where all the participants will be welcomed and briefed upon the proceedings of the upcoming activities.

2) Debriefing Session:-
In this session, our Judges will test the knowledge of teams regarding their aircrafts. This test will consist of the basic concepts of the flying machines, aerodynamics and the practical manufacturing techniques of the aircraft.

3) Flying Session:-
On the next day of the debriefing session, the participants have to fly their aircrafts. The aircraft should perform specific missions. The flying performance will be judged by the judges.

4) Prize Distribution Ceremony:-
In this session, the participants will be awarded with prizes. The judgment will be based on the test as well as the flight performance of the aircraft.

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