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The Nest I/O, Karachi, Pakistan
Feb 10
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Ever wished for a place where everyone is treated equally? Everyone is accepted just the way they are without any judgments being made about them, their life, their insecurities, their illnesses?

Mental illness, according to the majority is perceived as a stigma, a flaw overpowering an individual’s abilities. A disability damaging the person that they are, or hindering the person that they want to be, a feeling of being less important than the rest. Just like that, we all mostly accuse the people around us for being two faced or fake but have we ever pondered over our own acts, our own thoughts or beliefs? 

Relivenow aims to end the stigma associated with the word mental illness and we are taking our first step towards this endeavor by hosting our very first interactive session on the importance of mental health and the stigmas associated with it. We welcome you all to be a part of it and join us in our enlightening panel discussion with experienced psychologists where your questions related to such topics will be tackled!

It’s time to #Reachout so #LetsTalk and find intriguing ways of how one can make their lives a whole lot better by prioritizing mental health and becoming emotionally fit!


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