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Mövenpick Hotel Karachi, Club Road, Karachi, Pakistan
Jul 22
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Did you know that YOU yourself are a BRAND? Are YOU aware there is a WORLD FAMOUS brand INSIDE of YOU awaiting to be released to the world to showcase its true potential? Are YOU an aspiring entertainer, corporate employee working your way up the corporate ladder or a budding business personality? Are YOU looking for the knowledge and practical tools to create an EFFECTIVE PERSONAL BRAND? 

If wish to learn to create a personal brand that speaks VOLUMES, gets you RECOGNIZED and helps to attain your desired RESULTS. Then don’t miss this opportunity to attend our 1 day workshop ‘PERSONAL BRANDING UNLEASHED’. This is where you learn the CRAFT of building a WORLD CLASS PERSONAL BRAND. 

Come and learn from the PERSONAL BRANDING MASTER, Sheeraz N. Khan (Wealth & Business Coach, Kinematics), at Movenpick Hotel Karachi on Saturday 29th April 2017 at 9am-5pm. 
The investment is Rs. 35,000/- and it includes: 

  1. 1 free 1-2-1 coaching session
  2. Workbook and Course material
  3. Lunch, tea and refreshments 
  4. Certificate 
  5. Event Photo
  6. Discount 10% to on our next event 
  7. Enrolment for our Best Personal Brand Award 2017 

Why should you come? 
Sheeraz is an experienced entrepreneurs running multiple businesses for many years now in Pakistan and abroad. They are considered masterful personal brand creators by their peers. They will show you practical know-how and their own secret tips to create an effective personal and reaping impactful results. 

Sheeraz is the Founder & a Wealth & Business Coach at Kinematics. He is an entrepreneur, a investor and an author and has a business experience of 10years in the field of investments, energy, consulting and technology. He is also the CEO of Marvel Consulting Group and a Director of Databus (United Kingdom). 

What will you learn?
This workshop ‘Personal Branding Unleashed’ is focused to help you in identifying the attributes of a successful personal brand and to enable you with the skills and tools to identify, evaluate and capitalize on your personal brand image and personal brand identity. 

Sheeraz will not only provide you with knowledge and wisdom necessary to establish a successful personal brand but also help you gain more clarity, remove mental blockages and limited beliefs to prepare on your personal branding journey and help in attaining your goals. You will be able to gain from their shared experiences as entrepreneurs, start-ups, coaches and mentors. 

What will you take home?
When you are done with this course, you will possess an empowered mentality, the winning attitude and the practical management tools to be a superstar brand of your own. You will gain clarity on how to position your brand image and your brand identity and win over your target audience. You will be capable of profitable business plan based on your personal brand and generate income for yourself and create well recognized and valued brand in less time. 

To register for this course please call us on the given numbers.

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Contact. 0345-2110821, 03032064482

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