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The Nest I/O
Jan 12
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Speaker: Ather Imran

Organisations in the initial maturity or growth stage, focus excessively on product development, investor management, cash flows and performance management - all at the cost of growing the biggest asset: it's people. Growing People gets pushed back because it doesn't seem urgent, as other focus areas, but it's important and ultimately decisive in the long run. This issue is more pronounced in technology startups, and ultimately manifests, though indirectly, into failure of startups. This session will focus on this dilemma and how to go about addressing it.

Ather is an experienced business and technology executive with 16 years of experience in corporate sector. He currently serves as CEO of Sybrid Pvt Ltd - A Lakson Group Company, and as President of OPEN Islamabad. He specializes in technical, business and operational leadership of knowledge organizations

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Contact. 021-34144796
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