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JS Auditorium, IBA City Campus, Karachi, Pakistan
Jun 30
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Karachi AI Gatherings are quarterly, 3 hour events for Artificial Intelligence practitioners focusing on lessons learned applying AI. Each gathering consists of 3 elements enabling interactive sessions:

Discover: 15 min applied AI talks of industry peers sharing insights and actionable advice based on hands-on experiences applying AI. Check out our applied AI talks below!

Share: AI Clinic session for practitioners in the audience to share their specific challenge applying AI and gather initial feedback from industry peers and fellow practitioners. Apply to present your individual challenge putting AI into production through this form or raise your hand at the gathering!

Connect: Peer-to-Peer networking sessions on Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision to connect with new and leading practitioners in your technology realm. Join us this time to expand your applied AI network!


- AI & Computer Vision Special : What is it & How does it Work?

1. Guest Speaker: Mr. Khurram Sultan | PhD Fellow IBA | (https://pk.linkedin.com/in/khurram-sultan-5063a11a) on 'The awakening Computer Vision with AI, and Opportunities around'
About Speaker: "Khurram has over 12 years of industry experience and has worked in different engineering roles. He served as the Principal Architect at Netsol Technologies before starting his PhD studies in the domain of Machine Learning. His area of interest are Deep Learning, Generative Models and their applications particularly in the domain of Computer Vision"

2. Mr. Zaid Memon | Research Engineer Fidel AI | (https://pk.linkedin.com/in/zaid-memon)
on 'What is CV & How AI has transformed? Is it Industry Applied?' 
From the Desk of Speaker: "Zaid is a Graduate from FAST NUCES, Karachi. He’s currently working as a “Research Engineer” at Fidel AI which focuses on core Computer vision algorithms and research for some challenging products. He involved with Computer vision for almost two years now which include working on research and products"

3. Mr. Arhum Ishtiaq | CTO @ ConnectHear | (https://pk.linkedin.com/in/arhumishtiaq)
on 'How Computer Vision enables Deaf with ConnectHear?'
From the Desk of Speaker: "Arhum is a 20 year old self-taught programmer with strengths in Python, JS, Machine Learning and Django-based web development. He is Cofounder and Chief Technology Officer at ConnectHear & Digital Media Consultant at American Councils. He is excited to share his belief on CV and how it can change the future of Deaf communication"


- AI in Robotics and IoT? What the Intuition?

1. Guest Speaker: Mr. Muhammad Khurram | Founder RCAI & Assistant Professor at NED | (https://pk.linkedin.com/in/dr-muhammad-khurram-68445365
on 'RCAI & NCAI – What is National AI action plan & Why we need it ?'
From the Desk of Speaker: "Khurram is the director of RCAI (Research Center for Artificial Intelligence & an Associate professor at NED University. He has completed his PhD (IC Design) from Massey University (New Zealand) & M.Engg (Computer Systems) from NED University. He is well associated with AI & IoT, to reform Pakistan’s water & irrigation problems with Technology, Research and Innovation"

2. Mr. Nabeel | Founder Edvon & Head of IEEE RAS Karachi | (https://pk.linkedin.c


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