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Karachi School of Business & Leadership, Karachi, Pakistan
Jun 16
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Karachi AI Gatherings are quarterly, 3 hour events for Artificial Intelligence practitioners focusing on lessons learned applying AI. Each gathering consists of 3 elements enabling interactive sessions:

Discover: 15 min applied AI talks of industry peers sharing insights and actionable advice based on hands-on experiences applying AI. Check out our applied AI talks below!

Share: AI Clinic session for practitioners in the audience to share their specific challenge applying AI and gather initial feedback from industry peers and fellow practitioners. Apply to present your individual challenge putting AI into production through this form or raise your hand at the gathering!

Connect: Peer-to-Peer networking sessions on Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision to connect with new and leading practitioners in your technology realm. Join us this time to expand your applied AI network!


- How AI is changing the landscape of Accounting/Finance

1. Mr. Anis A. Sheikh | Founder & CEO @ Base-H | (https://pk.linkedin.com/in/anis-shiekh-281782a)
on 'AI in Financial Reporting: I Extinction of Reporting Analyst'
About Speaker: "Anis is a unique persona among all, strong sided in his story telling abilities he himself coded his words into a creative AI based content writing bot called “Dante”. Its super cool ! Dante can read 200 newspapers in 1 minute, can you?"

2. Ms. Saarah Rasheed | Founder @ Quants Society | (LINKEDIN LINK)
on 'AI in Financial Trading: I Automated Stock Trading'
From the Desk of Speaker: "She is a Quant at a local software house. She's passionate about numbers and their mechanics in the financial markets. To put it simply, she figures out what makes stocks 'tick'. She will be discussing trading strategies, importance of risk and where AI stands in this whole scenario and how its power can be leveraged to make better investment decisions."

3. Ms. Naureen Hyat | Co-Founder @ Tez Financial Services | (https://www.linkedin.com/in/naureen-hyat-04a35043/)
on 'AI in Financial Lending: I Disrupting Micro-finance Financial Lending'
From the Desk of Speaker: "Naureen is a Social Entrepreneur and Business Head Tez Financial Services, She aims to bring positive effective change, particularly at the base of the pyramid, via innovative and sustainable solutions. Meet Naureen to know how AI can make impact in connecting Micro Finance Services to the needy ones!"


- How to Disrupt E-commerce with AI?

1. Ms. Anum Kamran | Founder PEC @ Pakistan E-commerce Consortium | (https://www.linkedin.com/in/anumkamran15/) 
on 'Importance of AI awareness & PEC's vision'
From the Desk of Speaker: "Anum Kamran, is one of those woman entrepreneurs who undid all the negative social conditioning and kept climbing the ladder which eventually opened the door of success for her. She proved to be a woman with entrepreneurial aspirations who made herself heard. She's the Co-Founder of Buyon.pk"

2. Mr. Usama Noman | Partner @ Botsify | (LINKEDIN LINK) 
on 'Botsifying Ecommerce!'
From the Desk of Speaker: "Usama is a Resilient entrepreneur, who loves programming, building and breaking things. Infact, building scale-able and growing startups! Love automating businesses leads and conversions through chat bots."

3. Mr. Mesum Raza Hemani | Founder @ Karachi.AI | (LINKEDIN LINK) 
on 'Intuition of AI in Ecommerce, dreaming the landscape'
From the Desk of Speaker: "Mesum is the Founder of this visionary concept Karachi.AI, and is a pro-AI evangelist. having completed his Finance qualifications Mesum choose to exit the field and shifted toward Data Science and Analytics. What made him do that? Meet and Learn.."

Revealed Soon @ Karachi School of Business & Leadership, Karachi. 

On Saturday + 31/03/2018 + 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm.

*** Please bring CNIC with you to enter the event space ***

Karachi.AI is a community lead initiative. Income through ticket sales is being used to improve the quality of our events and ensure great networking and learning experience for our young but energetic community. 

We are handing out "PAID TICKETS" in this event :
Early Bird @ Rs.350 (Closes within 2 days from Start of Ticketing)
Regular Ticket @ Rs.500 (Closes till End of Ticketing Campaign)
If you are member of KSBL,TECH,PASHA,PEC Check for Discounts available on Regular Tickets.

Everybody in the room is a contributor and can bare the minimum cost of refreshments & dinner served :)&


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