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Velocity X
Feb 06
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Velocity X and Burnout presents MMA Fit Season 2 with Qasim Chottani.

Our program is for everyone! Age is not a limit here. It’s designed in a manner that it fits the need of everyone. Our fun based training not only include punches and kicks but it incorporates some of the best workouts from different genres of physical training. There will be hybrid training there will be partner training and during the course of this program, you’ll not only achieve physical fitness but peak mental fitness as well.

Why our Program?
One-size-fits-all does not work, it never has. We acknowledge individual metabolic realities and psychological sensitivities. MMA Fit is tailored according to the individual needs.
• Our dietary and exercise plan honor personal preferences. If clients do not like what they are doing, they won’t continue to do it. Rather than adopting the stance of “you should never eat this; only eat that,” we give clients as much of what they love as possible while still getting the results.
• The goal of MMA Fit is to achieve a balanced metabolism first. You don’t have to go on unrealistic diets to achieve balanced metabolism. Our diet plan ensures that you’re eating quality foods that fulfill your caloric needs so you have fewer cravings and more energy and motivation for exercise.
• MMA Fit is designed to achieve a maintainable healthy lifestyle long-term, rather than short fixes which can lead to feelings of disappointment.
• Group training – you’ll be trained in a fun and fast-paced environment where you’ll not only be doing individual training but partner training as well.
• No age limits. Whether you’re a college student, housewife or a middle-aged man. You’ll love our program due to the versatility of it.
• MMA Fit is a huge stress reliever. You can take out all your aggression during the training so there’s no more room for stress.
• Excellent opportunity for people who want to learn MMA fighting styles (fighting training is taught separately not during the group training).
What you’ll achieve?

MMA Fit will help you achieve the following:
• Greater Fat Loss
• Greater Strength & Endurance
• Greater Mental Conditioning
• Greater Confidence
• Greater Overall Health

Registrations are open, join us to boost your confidence and energy!

Session details:
MIX session
5 days a week
Mon - Fri
Timings: 8 pm - 9 pm


Contact Details

Contact. 02137238623
[email protected]

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