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Fitnasium, Hill Park Road, Karachi, Pakistan
May 06
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Karachi FIT is one of the first fitness event organized in Karachi which includes three features to promote fitness and a healthy lifestyle;

You can learn how to do perform an exercise with good form, 
the purpose of each exercise or training method. Q&A session with fitness experts.

You can get a chance to take live demos of different group exercise formats like HIIT, Zumba, TRX, MMA etc. 

Participate in different fitness challenges and set records. 
For examples; Strength, Endurance or Skill Challenge

You can participate as a Challenger (eligibility; 2-3 days workout atleast).

You can also participate as a fitness Presenter by conducting a live exercise session and conducting Q&A session. 

We are also looking for energetic individuals as Volunteers; 
Bloggers, Photographers and Ambassadors. 

If you are a fitness apparel or equipment store or a healthy food store, feel free to contact if you are interested in putting up a kiosk.

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