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Mar 23
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MUV & TACTACK bring you Inner space escapes, a weekend yoga retreat that promises to awaken your inner yogi in the magical locations of Gorakh Hills & Rani Kot Fort. 

A few words about our in depth yoga retreat from our lead yogi Saman:

"My name is Saman, I teach yoga for the soul. I don’t only wish to teach asanas, I wish to teach the knowledge of breath, I hope to help one relearn how to use forgotten mechanisms of their ‘own’ body, I want to help them sync better.

The right asana, pranayama, pratyahara will help us achieve peace within us and only then can we make sense of the world around us.

If you’re looking to make sense of ‘your’ world, or have already begun your journey, this is the space to be in.

I hope to be able to share with you all the knowledge that I am unable to during the one hour of class in the studio. I hope to have an in-depth exchange of yoga.

If the above description suits your needs I hope to see you at the retreat. Namaste"


Join Saman on this journey that begins in Gorakh Hills, a beautiful geographic gem, a hill station of Sindh, Pakistan.
It is situated at an elevation of 5,688 ft (1,734 m) in the Kirthar Mountain Range, 94 kilometres (58 mi) northwest of Dadu city. Gorakh Hill Station is situated on one of the highest plateaus of Sindh, spread over 2,500 acres (10 km2) of land. It is very attractive to nature-lovers owing to its temperate weather and beautiful surroundings. 

The name Gorakh is derived from the Barahvi language in which, word "Gurgh" means Wolf ... that Balochi language word "Gurkh" is a later dialectic adaptation of Barahvi language word Gurgh, meaning wolf.

The next leg of this yogic journey will be in Rani Kot. Endowed with a mysterious history, Rani Kot Fort is an amazing site with a 30km periphery. The mesmerizing fort holds century old secrets and enigmatic tales for all adventure lovers to discover and explore, as they camp through the eerie night and taste nostalgia. 

MUV’s mission is to reinvent what it means to “go to the gym”. We don't believe in pain without pleasure. We don't believe in sweating without a smile. And we don't take ourselves too seriously. But we do take your workout seriously. Really seriously.

We are all about building “positive muvment” into the lives of our clients, while staying true to what it means to be “wholly fit”! That is why everything we do, from our workouts to our collaborations, to the people we hire, must ‘build’, ‘excite’ and bring you back for more. 

TACTACK enables adventure lovers and thrill seekers to enjoy camping, hiking, and star-gazing at Gorakh Hills/ Rani Kot amidst beautiful history. With an aim to promote sustainable tourism in Pakistan, TACTACK uses Community Based Tourism or CBT, to directly involve the inhabitants of the destinations where we travel to. Be it facilitation staff, outsourcing transport logistics, food arrangements, or anything else, a huge chunk of the profits go back to the local community areas we explore. 

With TACTACK, you do not just get a guarantee for an exciting trip, you also get to positively contribute to the lives of the people inhabiting these communities. We stay true to our principles; making sure we pump up the excitement and ‘Breed Responsibility’ into travelers so that we can contribute to the livelihood of these distant societies as much as we can, while exploring the undiscovered. 



Day 1 - Friday 23 March 2018
0100 Departure from Karachi in an air/conditioned coaster
0700 Breakfast at Wahi Pandi
0800 Departure for Gorakh Hills
1000 Gorakh Hills arrival - orientation and settle-in, rest & refreshments 
1030 Introduction to yoga and yin stretches
1130 rest and relax
1330 Lunch & rest thereafter
1600 Walk/hike around the hills to the view points 
1700 Prepare for a beautiful sunset and a sun salutation series with a short meditation/reflection session
BBQ dinner and bonfire
Overnight in camps

Day 2 - Saturday 24th March 2018
0600 Introduction to breathing. Pranayama/breathing work
0700 Breakfast at Gorakh Hills itself
0800 Departure from Gorakh Hills
1000 Arrival at Wahi Pandi and onwards to Sehwan Sharif
1200 Sehwan Sharif tour 
1300 Lunch at Sehwan Sharif
1400 Departure for Rani Kot Fort
1530 Arrival at Rani Kot Fort - orientation and settle-in


Tel. 0311 0253117
[email protected]

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