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Park Lane, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
Jan 21
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Event Details & Reservation

A TacTack event Featuring DXD's unique fitness sessions.
A day retreat of connecting to your soul through the stars, sun, and ocean.
Situated at a short distance from Mubarak Village, Bhit Khori is a scenic destination worthy of being explored. The sun-drenched beach allows individuals to have an awe-inspiring experience, as they tackle the waves and explore a beautiful and undiscovered paradise. 
Enjoy a fun and adventure filled trip where you get to make the most of gentle and invigorating yoga, breathwork, and meditation with Ajlaan Raza Sayani’s sessions throughout the event, followed by snorkeling, swimming and skin diving in the sparkling waters of Bhit Khori. 
With DXD and TACTACK, you don’t just get a guarantee for an exciting trip; you also get to positively contribute to the lives of the people inhabiting these communities. Be it facilitation staff, outsourcing transport logistics, food arrangements, or anything else, a chunk of the revenue goes back to the local communities.
Beach Yoga Retreat Package: Rs. 6000 per person.
Please bring an extra change of clothes for water activities and comfortable or active wear for the sessions as well as a yoga mat.

5:00 am gather at a central location (rendez vous point)
5:10 am depart. Sharp. 

6:15 am arrive at Mubarak Village and walk to Bhit Khori.
6:30 am arrive at Bhit Khori.
6:30 am orientation
6:45 Morning yoga session 
7:45 Breakfast 
8:45 activities commence 

Rest / nap for those that wish to
Cliff jumping
Water games
Beach volleyball

1:30 pm - Lunch
2:30 pm - Rest / nap / relax / continue activities if wish to
5:30 pm - Yoga session: partner workout and Acro Yoga
6:30 pm - Leave Bhit Khori
6:45 pm - Leave Mubarak village
8:30 pm - Back in the city


A great destination for: 
* Families & Kids
* Corporate Groups
* Photographers & Explorers
* Adventure Enthusiasts
* Sightseeing Lovers
* University Students

Standard: Rs. 6,000

Important to remember:
1. Only LIMITED SEATS are available for every event. Make sure to be prompt with your bookings. 

2. Complete services are included (food, drinks, tents, and transport).

3. Carry your own personal items and any other required belongings. 

4. All payment deposits must be made at least 2 days prior to your trip. 

5. In case you need to cancel your trip, make sure to contact TACTACK at least 24 hours prior to your departure in order to avail 100% refund. 

6. In case any equipment owned by TACTACK is lost or damaged, the cost of replacing the equipment will be borne by the individual responsible. 

7. We aim to commence integrated training programs to help empower these hospitable communities, helping them acquire tools to prosper. This means, a responsible and positive attitude is mandatory.

Contact Details

Contact. 0311-0253117
[email protected]

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