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Frere Hall, Karachi
Jan 20
Starting time
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THE KARACHI EAT is a food festival built around the idea of creating a common platform for people who love food. From the 13th, 14th and 15th of Jan 2017, Frere Hall will transform into a foodie wonderland for three days of eating, drinking and entertainment. From the most creative and talented chefs to the street vendors, the KARACHI 

EAT is a festival which celebrates the full diversity of food that this city has to offer. 

For Karachites food is clearly much more then just fuel for the body and through this festival we embrace the pleasures and value of great flavor, giving you the opportunity to taste extraordinary food while being immersed in a complete experience that brings you face to face with the food you eat and people who make it.

Key Features

- Taste Studio - Celebrity Chefs Live and at their best
- Cake off - Compete for the title of ‘Best Pastry chef Karachi Eat 2014’
- Man Vs. Food
- Hospitality Lounges - VIP corporate lounges 
- The food (Kiosks - mini cafes - stalls) 
- Live acoustic/ jazz bands with surprise celebrity performances
- Children's activities

Taste Studio

KARACHI TASTE provides the perfect venue for consumers and chefs to come together in an interactive environment. The Taste Studio will host demonstrations from a fascinating line up of some of Karachis finest chefs. 

The chefs will be creating gastronomic delights in front of a live audience and guests will have the opportunity to interact with the chefs to pick up hints, tips, techniques and trade secrets during the process. The resulting treat will be served to the audience for a taste test. 

Celebrity Chefs

Cake off

Want to show off your bakery skills or just enjoy taking part in this light-hearted competition? The ‘KARACHI EAT CAKE OFF’ is the ultimate baking battle where Karachi’s passionate amateur baking fans enter the very best cake’s their kitchens have to offer. 

50% of the score is obtained from our judging panel who will rate the entries on presentation and taste. The other 50% of the votes will be scored by the general public. Randomly selected members of the crowd will be picked to sample and score what is on offer. 

Once the judging is over all cake entries are open for anyone to sample. 

Man Vs. Food

Separating the weak from the herd! The Man Vs. Food challenges will be sure to create a frenzy and entertain the crowd as contestants come head to head in an epic battle against FOOD. 

Hospitality Lounges

Giving organizations the opportunity to host their clients and staff in a dedicated exclusive area within the Karachi Eat food festival. The hospitality lounges are located in a prime spot facing the entertainment stage, and consist of an enclosed area which is branded as per your requirements. 

Salient Features:
Stunning private enclosure overlooking all the culinary action taking place 
Complimentary drink
Waiting staff in attendance throughout
Complimentary coupons
50 FREE passes. 

The Food
If it has anything to do with food then KARACHI EAT is the place it has to be. 
Some of the key food categories that will be present at the festival are:

Top Restaurants 

  • Fast Food Chains
  • Celebrity Chefs
  • Famous Street Food
  • Frozen Foods
  • Patisseries 
  • Caterers

Live Music

Music and food go hand in hand. To keep the buzz going at the festival there will be live music from local bands and artists covering a wide array of music genres and tastes. It’s a great platform for up coming talent to play alongside established bands and entertain you through out the day. 

Kids Activity 

The kids activity area provides entertainment and activities for our younger visitors. The area will feature contests and competitions for kids around the core subject of food. 
Parents will be able to keep the kids occupied n a safe, fully supervised area and hence be free to explore the carnival, giving the whole family a fun and exciting day out. 

Karachi Eat currency 

If you wish to eat or drink from the restaurants or stalls at Karachi Eat, you will need to buy coupons or vouchers as they do not accept cash or cards. 

You can purchase your vouchers ‘SNACK PACKS’ when you buy your ticke

Contact Details

Contact. 03455884422
[email protected]


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