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Forman Christian College, Zahoor Elahi Road, Lahore, Pakistan
Apr 06
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Forman Journalism Society is holding its promise of bringing you the biggest and the best event this year as FJS is all geared up to set the stage for FCC’s Film Festival. 
Firing up your imagination, we assure you to have an experience of a lifetime; a blend of films, documentaries, opulence and much more that’s yet to be revealed! So, stay tuned to catch-up on what’s more to come your way!

Events: Short Film, Documentary, Music Videos and Trailers Competition. 


  1. Short Film (Under 40 Minute)
  2. Documentary (Under 30 Minute)
  3. Trailer
  4. Documentary/Film Poster

Rules and Regulation of the Event:

  • The work submitted by participants should be original and not to be copied from World Wide Web/the internet and it should not be plagiarized. 
  • The participants should bear in mind that the following film should not include nudity, abusive languages or materials that might incite racism or hatred.
  • The participants should keep the decorum of FCC that upon entering the institute he/she will be subjugated to the FCC code of ethics. Any inappropriate behaviour will result in disqualification and an official evaluation letter will be sent to respective university/institute by FCC Administration. In case that students of FCC or the host team members causes problem, report the problem to ushers to forward your concern to Executive Committee who will direct the problem to highest authority in FCC.
  • Participants must bring their CNIC and University/College ID cards with them. For Private Candidates, they must bring their CNIC and Driving Licence/Passport for verification.

Awards Category: 

  • Best Documentary 
  • Best Short Film 
  • Best Trailer and Poster 
  • Best Story 
  • Best Cinematography 
  • Best Direction 
  • Best Editing 
  • Best Special Effects 
  • Best Sound Direction 
  • Best Screenplay 
  • Best Concept – Documentary 
  • Best Actor 
  • Best Actress 
  • Best Supporting Actor/Actress 

Submission of Film:
The participant will make pay order/bank draft in the name of Forman Christian College (A Chartered University) from any of their desired bank. The participants must take a picture or scan the pay order and email it to the host team registration committee email address for confirmation of the pay order. The participants will bring the pay order on day 1 during the registration period and the usher will collect it from them. The films must be submitted as a Data DVD and should bear a DVD Cover and paper attached to it with the name of the film and the participant/team. The participants shall mail the DVDs within a package via post by any of their desired courier. The films must be submitted no later than the deadline which is to be forwarded to the judges. Late submission will not be tolerated and will result in cancellation. Participants are encouraged to send in the scanned picture or send pictures taken from phone of CNIC and University/College/Institute IDs as well. The pictures and cards should be visible for the host team registration committee.

Contact Details

Contact. +92 (42) 9923 1581- upto 88


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