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Mar 17
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In this section Aks International Minorities Festival will present two very important films of our very own diaspora Pakistani artist and activist Fawzia Mirza.

This film contains the penultimate interview with Sabeen Mahmud, conducted by writer/actress Fawzia Mirza, three months before Mahmud was murdered. The interview footage is woven throughout the film to provide context, and allow audiences to spend as much screen time with Mahmud as possible. Mahmud’s interview footage imbues Mirza’s experiences with meaning, as she comes to understand that her purpose in Pakistan is not simply to express herself, but to create spaces, just as Mahmud had, for other people to express themselves—no matter what their story is.

Zaynab (Fawzia Mirza) like a good Muslim daughter lives with her recently widowed mother Parveen (Shabana Azmi) who is obsessed with soap operas and finding husband for immigration lawyer daughter. However, sharing a home together comes at a cost; the constant re-arrangements in the flat and motherly interference in Zaynab’s life. But when Mexican firebrand Alma comes into Zaybab’s life and she falls in love, this puts a whole different pressure on living with mum. A “mum com” as Fawzia describes it, the film is a funny and poignant story about relationship between mother and daughter, but also an important portrayal, especially in our modern political landscape: with Muslim, Pakistani, and queer voices all being suppressed individually, the idea of the three identities intersecting is foreign to mainstream media.


19/08/2018 05:00 - 23/08/2018 23:00
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