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The Coffèe Corridor, Karachi, Pakistan
Mar 17
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Karachi is a city of very talented people but very few platforms and venues are available to promote this young and rich talent. Artists, the ones arranging emotions, imaginations and unspoken on the canvas are least cared for in communities. Taste of art found in very few and appreciated and supported by even fewer.

We at "The Coffee Corridor" wants to offer our space for all such talented young artists in Karachi. Our space is available for young artists to exhibit their work free of cost, we want to help them promote their work and sell it. We want to provide a much needed exposure to them and boost their confidence. We are initiating this idea with "Indus Valley School, Karachi" but plan to extend it to other art schools in Karachi.

"The Coffee Corridor" is doing a part by offering a hand to help the young ones walk. We need your support to help them run and take a flight. 

Give creativity a chance!!

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