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Szabist, Karachi, Pakistan
Dec 11
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The SZABIST Performing Arts Society invites you to Manzar, a photography exhibition. Through this event, we aspire to provide the ultimate platform for recognition and acknowledgement to the budding photographers of Karachi (no age limit set).

Photographers will be empowered to showcase their work and the thought process that goes into capturing it; their perspective. For this purpose, 9 photography themes have been set for them to choose from and submit their pictures into. The submissions of exhibitors rely entirely on their own perspective, the only rule is to embrace an eclectic vision.

Our aim is to promote and glorify the very art of photography, by putting the work of aspiring photographers on display, and to allow them to be in the same room as inspiring professionals and other photographers as passionate as themselves. High profile photographers will be invited to the exhibition as guest speakers, for the participants and attendees to take inspiration and learn from.

The exhibition will take place on the 3rd of December, at SZABIST 154 Campus, from 3 PM to 9 PM and will be open for everyone in Karachi to attend and even purchase the pictures on display.

Take note that there is no age limit set for anyone who wishes to participate and provide their work. 

Participants who wish to submit their work are required to register through the following link

For more details, email us at 
[email protected]

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