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National Museum Of Pakistan, Karachi, Pakistan
Jul 07
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Weekend Bazaar of Traditional & Contemporary Crafts
Saturday July 07 to 08, 2018
At National Museum of Pakistan-Karachi  

Sindh has been the cradle of arts and crafts from times immemorial. The people of the Indus Valley, were not only great town planners, builders, engineers and masons, they were also expert weavers, potters, goldsmiths & jewelers. The earthenware pottery of Moen-jo-daro is easily the earliest in the world. It dates back to the 4th millennium. Nothing like it appears in Egypt till Roman times.

The Karachi Haat Craft Bazaar is a joint project of SITCO (Sindh Indigenous & Traditional Crafts Company) & Department of Culture, Tourism & Antiquities Govt. of Sindh. 

Karachi Haat project is conceived with the basic idea of showcasing the rich cultural & creative heritage of Sindh. It is an initiative for providing an exposure to creative craftspersons of Sindh, who often spend their lives within the confines of their own villages and towns.

Karachi Haat focuses on freeing the crafts persons from the stranglehold of the middlemen and bringing them into direct contact with buyers & bridging the gap between producer & market. Karachi Haat offers the visitors not only the arts and handicrafts of Sindh at one place, but also the delicious cuisine and entertaining performing arts from different parts of the province.

Karachi Haat is located in the open area of Pakistan National Museum Karachi. Karachi Haat is an inspiration taken from the global good practices of craft sector & is based on a traditional village fair (Mella) with one basic difference. Whereas in the village fair the venue keeps shifting, in Karachi Haat the craftspersons are mobile and ever changing, thereby offering a panoramic view of the richness and diversity of handicrafts and artifacts at one marketplace.

There are Twenty Four stalls showcasing & selling handicrafts of varied kinds from all over the province. The stalls are allotted for three days to each artisan on a rotational basis, thus aiming at giving opportunity to the maximum number of craftsmen to exhibit their ware and also ensure that visitors buy authentic pieces at prices that are not exorbitant due to high maintenance. The open area entering the shops holds demonstrations of crafts, promoting making of handicrafts, in line with the government policy of promoting and preserving the traditional heritage.

Karachi Haat presents a synthesis of craft, food and cultural activities. Handicrafts range from Ajraks, Indigo dyed Silk suites, Block printed home textile, Tie & Dye suites, wooden jandi work items, hand woven khes & loongies, Traditional Soosi fabric, Ralli Applique & Patch work, Leather embroidery shoes & chappals, Glazed & non glazed pottery, Wooden blocks of arjaks, Traditional embroideries, Red clay Terraocota pottery & toys, Moen-jo-daro replica souvenirs, handmade beaded jewellery, Farasi weaving, handwoven shawls & lots more.

Karachi Haat is an excellent opportunity for family & friends, students, craft lovers & citizens to get an insight of lovely crafts of Sindh & supporting the craft traditions of Sindh.



National Museum of Pakistan,

Shahrah e Kamal Atta Turk, Burns Garden, Karachi.

Bazaar Opening Timings:

From July 7 to 8 , 2018

Saturday & Sunday 4:00 PM to 10:00 PM. 



Contact. Shakeel Abro
[email protected]

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