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Plan9, Lahore, Pakistan
Jan 25
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The Launchpad is Plan9’s flagship event that marks the beginning of the six months long incubation cycle. The Launchpad takes place across three cities of Pakistan - Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad, but is open for everyone and anyone in the country who meets the eligibility criteria.

Every cycle, hundreds of applications are submitted, and only 130 startups get shortlisted to compete for the 15 final spots of incubation. On the whole, the event is a weeklong affair comprising of three days of pre-Launchpad activities leading into the two days of pitching competition. 

The pre-Launchpad activities are a mix of amazing trainings, sessions, talks, workshops and games (yes!), for aspiring entrepreneurs, existing entrepreneurs, and those who would like to network! 

The last two days are specifically for the 130 shortlisted startups to pitch their business models to an external panel of judges comprising of experts from the IT industry in their respective domains, established entrepreneurs, investors (both foreign and local) and Plan9 board members.

Day One of The Launchpad is the elevator pitch day where each startup gets to pitch their business idea in two minutes. The selected startups are then qualified for Day Two of The Launchpad where startups have to pitch once again but this time in a seven minute long pitch, assisted by a slide deck, followed by three minutes of Q ’n A. The winners from the final day are then inducted for incubation for six months. 


- Be a Pakistani citizen. 
- Be above 18 years of age or above. 
- Have a product-based business idea with technology at its core. 
Be able to present a mock up/wire-frame/prototype of the product. 
- Have a team of 2 – 5 members. Having a Chief Executive Officer and a qualified Chief Technical Officer is a must. 
- Commit to the incubation hours for the upcoming 6 months, Monday through Friday from 10 am to 6 pm. You must not be employed elsewhere· If you are a student, either freeze your semester or get your classes’ schedule shifted to the evening timings. 
Although we have a 10 am to 6 pm rule, however the office space is open for you 24/7. There are no restrictions on using the work space after office hours. 
- No minimum qualification is required. We believe that business ideas are not bound by the years of education. So, no matter what your education level is, if you have a ground breaking idea blended with a passion to change the world you are absolutely eligible to apply for incubation. 

Please Note: 
- Plan9 is an equal opportunity platform. 
- Startups and/or founders who are incubated in Cycle 10 do not qualify for Cycle 11. However, they can apply for the next cycle(s). 
- One founder can only apply with ONE idea/product/startup.

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Contact. (042) 35880062
[email protected]

14/11/2018 08:59 - 16/11/2018 21:59
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