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Footsteps Preschool, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
Jan 20
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What the Workshop is About

As a preschool dedicated to the holistic development of our children, we believe it is vital, especially in this digital age, for all our young children to engage with regular story telling. Stories create magic, open doors of imagination, introduce limitless new worlds, and inculcate a sense of curiosity and wonder. Through story telling our students become more confident, have better language skills, learn to express their thoughts and feelings, and most importantly develop compassion and a deeper understanding, respect and appreciation for other people, and the world around them!

What is Our Aim?

To further encourage our parents to spend time reading and telling stories to their children, we are thrilled to be hosting Early Years Juncture (EYJ), for a workshop on ‘Story Time Magic!’ 
Through their fun and lively session, they will provide participants with an understanding of why storytelling is an essential part of early childhood development and growth, discuss how to select relevant books to support age-appropriate learning and reading skills, and practice story telling tailored to best grasp children’s attention and interest, using a varied range of material and hands-on activities. 

What is the Early Years Juncture (EYJ)?

Early Years Juncture (EYJ) is a group of talented and qualified educational experts, with years of experience in the Early Years Educational Sector. They provide consultancy and professional development for preschools, daycare staff and leaders, and to individuals engaged with childcare. EYJ offers training to Early Years environments that need to prepare their staff through long-term training sessions or short-term CPD. 

Our Presenter!

Ms. Faryal Shehzad, the Managing Director of EYJ, is an experienced educator with over 17 years of extensive experience as a practitioner in Early Childhood Education, holding leadership positions both in the UAE and Pakistan. In addition to the Association Montessori Internationale, she has many international diplomas (CACHE level 3, CACHE level 5, Dyslexia and Montessori) to her credit. 

Who Can Attend?

We welcome all young parents and preschool teachers and management to attend and benefit from this unique opportunity. 

Contact Details

Contact. 0300 8226986
[email protected]

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