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Karachi Institute of Technology and Entrepreneurship (KITE), Karachi, Pakistan
Sep 15
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Karachi Institute of Technology and Entrepreneurship, this year presents KITEMUN 2017. KITEMUN is an academic imitation of the United Nations hosted by the KITEMUN council. KITEMUN openheartedly invites all miscellaneous institutes to participate in this tough, mind-boggling and utterly thoughtful debating sessions where delegates can discuss international problems and their solutions. KITEMUN will provide its delegates a very welcoming environment. An environment that they will endure.
KITE MUN is an open portal for both government and private institutions, it’s a platform that gives delegates an opportunity to use their skills and propose a solution to the world problems, it is a diplomatic competition whereparticipants are allowed to express and highlight social and economic problems which enables delegates to explore the culture of the assigned country and to understand its cultural dynamics. The main purpose of mun is to exchange ideas, and to mutually endorse the highlighted problem prevailing in the world. KITE MUN will soon open its doors to a national audience and will welcome a diverse blend of participants from all over Pakistan. Three days of the most amusing social events because who wouldn’t want to have some fun after tiring sessions of debates after all MUN HARD, PARTY HARDER
So Brace Yourselves
Believe Unite and Achieve
This fall be a part and bring a change.
Welcome to KITEMUN’17

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