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Beach Luxury Hotel بیچ لگژی ہوٹل, Moulvi Tamizuddin Khan Road, Karachi, Pakistan
Aug 13
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This is first time any London based medical teaching oragnisation will be conducting this kind of event in Karachi Pakistan. This whole session will be conducted by Dr Ashfaque Sorathia ( Dr Ash) who is Director of London Clinical Courses ( LCC) is currently working as Consultant Emergency Medicine in London UK and is activley involved in teaching and guiding interantional medical graduates for years. 

  • Why LCC is coming to Karachi pakistan?

There are so many reasons , firstly Dr Ash is from Pakistan and we wish to give some thing back, secondaly Pakistan produces more than 14000 doctors per year . many of them are unable to progress further after completing their MBBS , why? because of poor or no guidance from senior colleagues or teachers, very few excel towards postgraduation and by the time they qualify they realised that if right guidance was given to them they could have easily saved 5-8 years of their life.

  • What will be the aims and objectives of this workshop?

Aim is to make pakistani doctors aware of rapidly changing international situation, what options they have and how LCC can help them sail thourgh this process smoothly.

  • Topics we will cover?
  1. What should a final year medical student /house officer do to enter into NHS UK ?
  2. What are the options for doctor who graduated more than 10 years ago ?how they can join NHS UK
  3. Scope of MRCP,MRCS MRCEM and other membership exams
  4. How competetive it is to get into training post?
  5. Is surgical speciality an option for Pakistani graduates in uK
  6. How your visa status affect your taining appication.
  7. PLAB how much will it all cost from door to door
  8. IELTS how is it affecting Pakistani doctors
  9. I cant pass Ielts can I get into NHS UK ? yes you can we will talk about it.
  10. For female doctors with kids and family commitments, what should be the easiest route ? 
  11. How internhsip and house job will affect your job chances in UK.
  12. Training options in UK , what is run through post? National training programme,? CESR, CP, CESR Via Article 14, Locums
  13. If you are rich and affording ? what should be your line of action
  14. If you are non affording than? yes we have a plan for you as well.
  15. Finally , How to write a CV and personal statements, remember it makes a huge impact on your job applications, we will discuss common mistakes candidates make in their CVs.

From our knwoledge so far no other instutue has ever conducted this kind of career guidance session ever in Pakistan for medical doctors , by the end of this session each doctor will have a clear plan in their mind about how to proceed further in their career.

Venue : Karachi Conference room in luxuary Hotel
Buffet : Lunch will be served 

Registration fee: 25 £ sterlling/3500 PKR

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Contact. 4402037303950, +4407724718340,
[email protected]

28/07/2018 19:00 - 28/01/2019 21:00
17/07/2018 20:09 - 18/08/2018 21:00
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