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T2F, Sunset Lane 5, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
Apr 09
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Aks festival will close in Karachi with "Ladies ONLY", an event with a focus on the voices of women. This is not a separatist event, we welcome all cis and trans* gender folks with feminist souls. The event will host Karachi based artist collective "Ladies Only" to talk about their daring short films project and the idea behind this unique initiative. We will also screen Jafar Panahi's masterpiece "Offside" and the British documentay "Bacha Posh"; both films are of great significance to draw attention to previously unheard stories. 

Film: Bacha Posh
Dialogues: Ladies Only 
Film: Offside

How to Sign UP:
Please send us an email with the title/s of the event/s, your full name, and phone number. If you are bringing friend/s, we would like to have the name/s and phone number/s for each person. We may also encourage you to give us the information about how and where you heard about us. 

Booking for Karachi events: [email protected] 

See program in PDF on: http://www.aksfestival.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Aks-2017-3-ilovepdf-compressed.pdf


Ladies Only

Ladies Only is a web-series and art project created, produced and directed by Anam Abbas and made possible by the collective efforts of many diverse Pakistani women actors, comedians, filmmakers and activists. It aims to fill the gap in local media of relevant and relatable stories from the perspective of young rebellious Pakistani women of diverse backgrounds, beliefs and desires. It melds the very real experiences of young women with misogyny in public and private spaces with fantasy, rebellion and sisterhood. Aks festival will host a talk with the members of Ladies Only collective on the topic of feminist movements and how art and artists can contribute to such initiatives.

Film: Bacha Posh, You will be boy, my daughter
Somehow an old Afghani tradition of families dressing one daughter as a boy if they have no sons persists today. In some cases it is a lifetime commitment while in others the child may revert to presenting female upon reaching puberty. These little girls, known as Bacha Posh, spend their adolescence dressed as boys, assuming all the responsibilities of a son and being accorded all the privileges of being male.
The documentary follows four Bacha Posh who were chosen to become the son their parents longed for. Shabina has recently become Bacha Posh to help her handicapped father and seems to be taking it all in her stride. Mariam’s parents think it’s time for her to change back but she is desperate to hang on to her male identity. Former Bacha Posh, Naïd, misses the freedom that being male gave her and continues to rebel against society by playing football. Lastly we meet Jack, a Bacha Posh who never went back. She is now 25 and about to head to Europe for a conference on women in Afghanistan. How will she feel when she sees the freedoms enjoyed by European women?

Film: Offside
“Offside” is a football comedy created by genius director Jafar Panahi, as a tool to criticize the political scenario, gender equality and freedom in Iran. It is a highly humorous, gentle and charming film about young women football fanatics, disguised as boys, doing their darnedest to defy the all-male rule and get in to see the Iran v Bahrain international qualifying match for the 2006 World Cup.
With audacity and flair, Panahi filmed it at the actual stadium, during the actual match. This is a rare film which, without a very obvious and coercive narrative structure, simply goes with its self-created flow, and never looks pointless or directionless.

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