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Szabist, Karachi, Pakistan
Nov 27
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Event Details & Reservation

SZABIST is a prestigious university of Pakistan having five campuses in Karachi, Islamabad, Larkana, Hyderabad and Dubai. Karachi campus is situated in the heart of Clifton. It is a renowned university which plays an important part in producing the highest calibre graduates in multitude desciplines. 
Biosciences department is one of the newest yet most promising descipline offered at SZABIST Karachi. It offers undergraduate, graduate and post graduate degrees in Biosciences, Biotechnology and Public Health. The department of biosciences at Szabist provides its student with exposure to latest scientifi innovations and health safety by conducting seminars, conferences and Annual symposia. 
This time again, Biosciences department is proud to annuounce that a National level annual conference ZABCON’18 has been organised to be held on November 27th-28th at Karachi campus. Eminent Scientists from around Pakistan are invited to be a part of the event. The two day event will comprise of competitions on 1st day, namely
• Bi’Orators
• Art-O-Bacteria
• Endeavor to Enlighten
• Sci-Chitect
And conferences and seminars on 2nd day by the seasoned guest Scientists. Each of the competition modules is based on various details. Art-O-Bacteria is an agar art competition in which non pathogenic bacteria is used to make exotic art patterns on petri plates. Sci-Chitect module is composed of a miniature 3D biology lab infrastructure. Bi’Orators is a presentation module that focuses on pupil’s ability to prepare an impromptu presentation on any given topic, using PowerPoint. The duration may not exceed 10 minutes. And lastly, there is an Endeavor to Enlighten. This competition is based on the abstract that students may send by the given deadline and then present their research in most appropriate manner either in a poster module or oral presentation, as is practiced throughout the world. All competitions will assess and judged by the respected faculty and esteemed guest Scientists. 
Students throughout the country are encouraged to register themselves for this amazingly rich experience to meet and interact these exuberant stars of the world of science and enhance their skills by receiving the guidance from professionals. 

The key dates for ZABCON'18 are mentioned below!
• Abstract submission deadline: 20th October'18
• Acceptance Notification: 29th October'18
• Registration begins: 14th August'18
• Registration ends: 27th October'18

For the rules and regualtions applicable on the modules, please refer to the facebook post.https://www.dropbox.com/s/qyc7v95kra5m37f/Rule%20Book.pdf?dl=0

Registration fee for conference is as follows:-
• Students 
o Rs 1000 per student.
o Rs 1500 per group of two.
o Rs 2000 per group of three.
• Faculty
o Rs 1500 per person.
• Coporate
o Rs 2000 per person.
Registration fee for competitions (each) is as follows:-
• Rs. 1500 per student
• Rs. 2500 per group of two
• Rs. 3500 per group of three

For further details and correspondence, please contact 
Ather Hussain Quadri : +92 334 3551699
Ali Anwar : +92 3360263546
Email Address: [email protected]
Or message on our facebook page.

Bank details given below
1. Visit any HBL branch.
2. Deposit Money in the name of Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology (SZABIST) [A/C no 0042 79014 05303]
Participants may use the following means to deposit fee.
Deposit Slip/ Pay Order/ Cash.
3. Participants will have to submit the reference slip (e.g. deposit slip) either to the brand ambassadors or they may visit SZABIST campus personally and meet the host team representative.
4. The host team’s representatives will be available to entertain any participant or brand ambassador on every Saturday 12.30 pm to 6.30 pm at SZABIST campus.
5. The host team will receive the reference slip and in return issue a challan to each participant.

NOTE: Participants are requested to bring the challan on the day of the event in order to get their I.D cards.

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