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Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
Dec 07
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As Pakistan completes the 70th year of its existence, it stands at the cross roads of a century that would see unprecedented change in the global socio-economic landscape brought together by the powers of science, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. Twenty-first century will be the defining epoch when the human species not only succeeds in creating the technological utopia that has thus far been the fodder only of science fiction but also, potentially, develops technologies and bypasses critical thresholds that have the potential to bring about the end to the human species. 
For a country, like Pakistan, caught between challenges of basic existence, on the one hand, and fast paced disparities and mindboggling global developments, on the other, it is very important to reinvent the entire paradigm of innovation in development and bring about a radical transformation across a range of different and interlinked spheres, namely, Government, Corporate, Entrepreneurial, Civic, and Individual.
#REINVENT PAKISTAN is an exploration of these diverse changes within Government, Business, and Society with potentially radical and transformative effects. 

PAKISTAN INNOVATION FORUM is Pakistan’s first and only Conference, Awards, and Showcase dedicated to promoting and celebrating Innovation within corporate Pakistan and the broader Pakistani Society. The Forum, now in its 4th year, has brought together some of the leading policymakers, opinion leaders, champions and evangelists, investors, innovators, and entrepreneurs to shape the narrative around innovation in Pakistan. 
The previous conferences titled “Innovation Nation” (‘2014), “Made in Pakistan” (‘2015), and “Innovators of Tomorrow” (‘2016) have explored innovation across a range of different sectors and cross-cutting themes across these sectors.

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Contact. (051) 8443223

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