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T2F, Sunset Lane 5, Karachi, Pakistan
Nov 24
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Noorworks programmes are designed to produce coaches who are trained to the highest standards. We focus on self leadership and awareness as a coach and client. 

Coaching has become a recent phenomenon, being used in every capacity, from business leaders to world leaders, to work with children, prisoners, those wanting to reach their best personal potential and those wanting to navigate through life in flow. Coaching is about guiding you back to yourself. Too often we get caught up in the internal noise of negativity and anxiety and the chase to be the best from an out side in perspective. 
Our certified coaching coaching programme seeks to build a legacy beyond our first coaching training programme.
We want to pass on what we know and what we have learned to help create a cohort of leaders and coaches in Pakistan.
The idea is to train leaders to become their best as coaches and purveyors of mental wellbeing. 
To be able to train those that can make significant difference in the field they are in. 
To be able to train those can then go on and train others (we will provide a unique train the trainer programme).

The only prerequisite is a desire to become a coach, to gain coaching skills and/or to be interested in your own development and that of others. Oh, and to have fun while learning!

This Certified Coach Programme incorporates a depth of coaching practise, methodology and helps to enhance the human understanding. It goes deeper into the practise of the art of coaching and those who come through this will be ready to coach clients immediately – if they choose to do so. The programme may well bring other creative career paths/passions to light.

Beyond this programme, we would like to come back and with the aid of funding / CSR backing, to run a similar youth programme for 16-25 year olds. If we can run the Coaching Training for up to 30 adults and 100 youth over the next six months we have a place were the coaching mindset can really flourish within the community.
We want to create something that will be taken on and grown locally. 
This includes drug rehab centres, government schools, schools for street children, to engage and train coaches.

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Get Fit Pakistan Karachi Festival, Health / Fitness
24/11/2019 10:30 - 24/11/2019 22:00
TSX 02 Karachi Competition
13/01/2020 10:00 - 26/01/2020 15:30
07/12/2019 14:00 - 08/12/2019 17:00
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