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Habib University, Karachi, Pakistan
Oct 14
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3rd Postcolonial Higher Education Conference 2017: The Inheritance of Injustice

Date: 14th Oct, 2017
Time: 9 am to 5 pm
Venue: Habib University Auditorium

The event is free and open to outsiders.

Please register at: http://habib.edu.pk/phec/

About the Conference:

We are living through a period of intense injustices never witnessed before in human history. On the one hand, we are witnessing an intensification of economic inequalities, at an unparalleled scale, with just over sixty individuals owning half the world’s wealth. We are also witnessing an environmental and ecological disaster of geological proportions at a rate that has not been witnessed in millions of years. Despite these glaring forms of injustices, it is alarming that far right political tendencies, with their vitriolic commitment to racism, nationalism and imperialism are making their political ascendance. The current state, however, is neither a coincidence nor is it a settled state. It is the historical result of over two centuries of economic, political, and cultural development that began with the development of the capitalist system and its corollary in the peripheral world: the colonial plunder and exploitation of the underdeveloped world.

It is not surprising therefore that the results of these historical injustices, and their continuation, are felt especially urgently in the post-colonial world: class exploitation, racism, conflict, and the destruction of nature are just some of its manifestations. What is more is that the forms of knowledge inherited from colonialism are themselves an obstruction to justice as they impede, rather than enhance, an appreciation of past injustices. Colonial ‘knowledge’ was precisely knowledge for subordination, exploitation, and systemic racism. In contrast, an appreciation of these past injustices calls for the creation of a spiritual and intellectual force contrary to capitalism, to establish justice.

The Habib University Conference on Postcolonial Higher Education seeks to fill this void by inviting global scholars, thinkers, activists and writers to reflect on the lingering crisis of injustices in our world, and the goals of a critical discourse at this juncture.

For more details on Conference Agenda and Speakers, please visit:http://habib.edu.pk/phec/

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