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NIC، Karachi, Pakistan
Dec 28
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The Young Leadership Program - YLP is designed with an identification of the opportunity for young individuals, who are all set to hit colleges and universities, facing several youth-related challenges of the present time, The idea of the program was conceived to educate and engage the youth, and help them discover their potentials.

'Today Is Yours'. This year YLP is continuing its journey in the form of a three-day conference where young and emerging leaders from Karachi will learn and explore together under the mentorship of top notch professionals from the fields of business, politics, arts, media, education.

The main focus of YLP is visionary leadership innovation that will empower youth to take on the cross functional responsibilities in their life and turn their dreams into reality. YLP aims to introduce an approach that broadens the understanding of core operations and deepens the confidence to leadin the young population of Pakistan. With YLP’s helping hand, our youth will discover new ways of coping with their problems and will be enabled of formulating new solutions. 

Join us at the Young Leadership Program on 28th, 29th, and 30th December 2018.

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