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Pearl Continental Hotel Lahore, Mall Road, Lahore, Pakistan
Apr 25
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MEMBERS of Pakistan Society for Training and Development(PSTD) are to collect their Promo Codes from PSTD. Applying the Promo codes will give Members the Membership price for the registration.

A learning festival where women are at the forefront of greatness. Where empowered women, empower women to learn, listen, read and ultimately rise together!

In its 10th year, WIBCON is transforming into a learning festival where we are bringing the diverse, multicultural, cross functional and unorthodox business ideas. So WIBCON turns into 'RISing'. Our vision is to provide hands on learning experience and create a platform to acknowledge and showcase new talent and:

  • Bring together the most successful and highly accomplished women leaders from Pakistan and across the globe.
  • Provide business women a platform not only to share their success stories but also to involve themselves in initiatives aimed at the uplifting of women and ensuring that they are heard.
  • Women who are on the front-lines from all over the world come to PSTD's stage to share their stories; they are CEO's activists, entrepreneurs, managers and ordinary people who have done extra ordinary things.


Learn To Rise:

Here women who are challenging the status quo by making a space for themselves in male dominated fields like firefighters, Police captainship, boxing, etc.

This will be the area where people who want to showcase their skill in singing, dancing or musical instrument will receive mentorship where they will learn to perfect their skills.


Listen To Rise

Listen to rise will be holding TED talk inspired workshops. Speaker will give 20mins sessions here where they will share their journey, experience and answer any questions from the attendees.


Rise To Show

This will be an area where we will place different installations to create an artistic, colorful and vibrant setting. This space will be the hub of all artists who can see different kinds of work, meet and greet their favorite artists and bask in the glory of Pakistani artists.


Rise To Meet

This will be an area in a hall where the readings will also be taking place. Women from all categories will be joining this area after their sessions are over. We will be creating time zones for every segment so that there is a meet and greet every 30mins.


Please note: Payment via Bank Transfer or check would be verified for clearance before e-tickets are sent across

03/04/2019 09:00 - 04/04/2019 15:00
09/03/2019 09:30 - 09/03/2019 19:30
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