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Beach Luxury Hotel, Karachi, Pakistan
May 26
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Salt Arts presents as it’s 50th production, the story of Southasia: Khusro’s beloved - Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya’s blessings and journey of poetry and song for the divine. 

This special edition of the Southasia series narrated and presented by Ustaad Naseeruddin Saami and the Saami Brothers. The history of Khusro, the devotion to his beloved, the spirit of language, the mystery of poetics and the power of song. 

Please grace us with your love, and bless our collective journey in the arts. Thank you for making us reach show number 50. 

Time: 10.00 PM sharp 
Genre: Qawwali and Storytelling 
The duration of this set will be determined by the audience. 

Venue: Jasmine Hall, Beach Luxury Hotel, Karachi
Passes: Rs. 1500/- each

A sehri buffet will be available throughout (not included in ticket price.)


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