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T2F, Sunset Lane 5, Karachi, Pakistan
Jul 15
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Event Details & Reservation

Learn how to play guitar in three months with Ahmer Amir aka Bunny! Join us every Sunday at T2F staring Sunday 15th July 2018 from 12 pm - 1:30pm 

Course Outline:
Introduction to Guitar
Scales (Major & Minor)
Chords – Major 
Chords – Minor 
Rhythm Patterns
Song Lessons
Chord Family - Minor
Chord Family - Major

About the Teacher
Ahmer Amir aka Bunny – is a versatile musician belonging to the Patiala Gharana (family) of music and a graduate of Musicology from Arts Council Karachi. He was awarded ‘Best Vocalist’ at SZABIST Battle of the bands, and has won several competitions including I Am Karachi Vocals, Youth Festival, IU Vibes and IBA Enigma. With his family background and experience, Bunny has a strong grip on classical music and has developed a unique teaching style where he fuses classical with pop music. He plays the harmonium, guitar, piano, kazoo, melodica and darbooka, and has composed several songs for young and emerging artists. Bunny also teaches music at CAPA (Keynotes), READ’s School, PCCC and TDF Ghar. 

Date: Sunday, 15th July 2018 - Sunday, 30th September 2018
Time: 12:00 PM – 01:30 PM
Place: The Second Floor (T2F)
Registration Fee: Rs. 9000/- (for three months)
Age Group: Teenagers and Adults

***The workshop is open to 25 students maximum. We have a first come, first served policy, please come in and sign up at T2F (between Monday - Friday | 1pm-6pm) or send us an email at [email protected]

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