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Work Hall, Karachi, Pakistan
Mar 02
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The Metropole Hotel and it's surrounding area was the heart of Karachi's musical culture in the 50's. Since its closed now, the Karachi Jazz Band is playing a live set on KCR from the old Palace Cinema building, now converted in to a co-working space called Work Hall.

On the 2nd of March, KCR will transform the Work Hall into an audio visual theater for a live streamed jazz performance.

Gates open at 9pm. Show starts 10pm onwards. As always, the show will be live streamed on our Facebook page.

This is a limited capacity event. Please DM us to express interest. There is a patronage fee for those who want to attend. This includes eclectic snacks and drinks by SÒL.

Carpenter Designs is embellishing the stage with a sculptural installation.

Alternatively, catch the live stream from wherever you are or watch it later from our FB page (facebook.com/iheartkcr)

About the band:

The Karachi Jazz band band consist of Danial Riaz on Saxophone, Jamal Yousuf on Keys, and Arsalan Preyal on Guitar. The trio met at the NAPA - National Academy of Performing Arts and came together because of their love for Jazz music and the will to revive Karachi's once lively jazz culture. Karachi Jazz Band is no ordinary jazz trio. The artists are also trained in our Classical Music tradition. Their sound seamlessly weaves these two worlds together and takes you on a journey that could have only started at home.

About KCR:
KCR is a mobile community radio that goes live from anywhere. We bring artistic communities together and create collaborative shows for live internet audiences. If you miss the live stream, you can always watch the show later from our Facebook page.

About Work Hall:
Work Hall creates spaces for people to do their life’s best work around a powerful community.

Our mission is to create a world where people follow their hearts to find the real meaning in what they do and pass on the message of love and community.

Whether you need a shared work space or a private office suite, Work Hall creates beautiful spaces for entrepreneurs and businesses at stunning locations.

About SÒL :
SÒL is a collaborative ensemble to bring together great food, art and people. We curate the food and beverage to tie in with the atmosphere and theme of the event.

Contact Details

2some: ADULT Comedy Show Karachi Comedy
28/02/2020 20:00 - 28/02/2020 22:00
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