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NED University of Engineering and Technology, University Road, Karachi, Pakistan
May 25
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Calling out all the cycling enthusiats for a chance to rock their favourite sport. Gear up as the most surprising yet enthralling cycling event of this summer, 'SLACKATHON' is here!

What is Slackathon?
SLACKATHON is basically a slow paced cycling race where the last person to reach the finish line, wins!


  1. 1. No touching the floor;
    Once you have both feet on the pedals you must not take them off again until you've reached the end of the course. Anyone seen dabbing will be disqualified.
  2. No trackstands
    You must keep moving at all times, stopping for any length of time is not permitted.
  3. Bikes must travel forward only.
  4. No leaving your lane.
  5. No touching other riders;
  6. You can't do it in a swimming pool and you can't do it here either. The Marshal's decision is final.


Registerations opening soon!
Outsiders are allowed.

Slackathon Karachi Competition
25/05/2017 15:30 - 25/05/2017 16:30
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