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Beaconhouse National University Tarogil Campus, Lahore, Pakistan
Mar 19
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BNU Debating Society announces its 2nd Bilingual Declamation Contest under BNU Bestival 2017!

Bring out your views; defend your point with clarity and thought; make strong decisions to shatter and shake your opponents.

"The one-day competition will comprise of 1 round only; it will be the only and the Final Round."

"Best speakers from each category will be recognized and the two best speakers (one from English and one from Urdu) will be awarded trophies and the cash prize."

"Institutions can send any number of teams and private teams or individual speakers can apply."

Finally, It's time for the announcement of topics for DeBaacha'17 @ Bestival'17

------ English -----


  1. Change is one thing, acceptance is another.
  2. Sometimes, history needs a push.
  3. War does not determine who is right - only who is left.
  4. It is the truth that matters, not victory.


  1. O Khan, O Khan, why must thou be Khan?
  2. The lion sleeps tonight.
  3. Count on me, I'm a trump!
  4. I'm schizophrenic, and so am I.

------- Urdu ------

  • نہ تیرا خدا کوئی اور ہے
  • نہ میرا خدا کوئی اور ہے
  • کون دکھائے راستہ رہبر ہیں سب نام کے۔
  • ہوائیں اب بھی چلتی ہیں مگر تہذیب کی خاطر۔
  • تاریخ فراموش قوموں کی پہچان مٹا دیتی ہے۔


  • پرندے کیوں نہیں آتے؟
  • تمہیں بات کر کے مکرنے کا فن ہے۔
  • یہاں بھونکتا کوئی اور ہے یہاں کاٹتا کوئی اور ہے۔
  • تیری پہاڑ جیسی جسامت ہے جان من 
  • اتنی جگہ کہاں ہے دل داغ دار میں


  1. The contest will be single-round. 
  2. Each participating institution is to be represented by a team comprising two speakers only, one to speak in Urdu and the other in English. One of the speakers is to speak on a serious topic and the other on a humorous one. 
  3. A speaker will speak for a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 5 minutes. 
  4. Marks will be deducted for failing to observe the stipulated time limit. 
  5. Paper reading is not allowed. Those who do so will be disqualified. 
  6. Speakers should refrain from using excessive Urdu in their English speeches and vice versa. 
  7. A speaker may agree or disagree with the topic. The subject matter of the speech based on the logical interpretation of the topic will carry maximum credit in terms of marks. Mere rhetorical content, which is devoid of relevance with the topic and lacks novelty of ideas, will be strongly discouraged. 
  8. A speaker making offensive remarks about any important personage or passing controversial religious, political or sectarian remarks shall be immediately disqualified. Using words/sentences with any indecent connotation and passing derogatory remarks against the chair will lead to instant disqualification of the speaker. In such an event, the speaker may be asked to step down from the podium during the speech. 
  9. The speakers will be judged on the content of their speeches, their proficiency in the respective language and the response of the audience. 
  10. The best speakers of the contest, from both English and Urdu, will be awarded prizes. 
  11. The best U-19 speakers from English and Urdu category will also be awarded prizes. 
  12. The team that gains the maximum aggregate points will get the team trophy. 
  13. The decision of the judges will be final. 

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