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THOTSPOT, Badar Commercial Street 7A, Karachi, Pakistan
Nov 02
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WARNING: This show is, by no means, for the faint-hearted. You WILL leave traumatized. Viewer discretion is not only advised, it is a prerequisite!

A preoccupied inventor who just can't get his electromagnetic shrinking machine to work until he accidentally shrinks down to 1/4-inch his....wait!

That intro was behind the cassette of "Honey I shrunk the kids."

Wait!! That can still serve as an introduction to our adult stand-up comedy show (and also as an excuse for our misfortune in the length department). Here's what the show is about though:

"Two preoccupied inventors who just can't get their minds to think clean until they invent the most vile, disgusting, cringeworthy yet hilarious scenarios to give you the best adult stand-up comedy experience of your lives!!"

2 guys, 5 acts and zero cups or grills; this TRIPLE will leave you with no PFG!! (Look that up on Urban Dictionary)

Organized by:  Syed Muhammad Kumail and  Usman Mazhar

Event details:
Date: Saturday , 2nd November 2019
Time: 8 30 PM (show begins)
Venue: Thotspot

Syed Muhammad Kumail
Usman Mazhar

For further details contact 0346-2919804

P.S.: This is one of the places where coming early is actually appreciated.


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