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M.A.D School, Karachi, Pakistan
Apr 07
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A comedy show like no other, featuring the best, the brightest and the youngest improvisers in the city to bring you a variety show like no other. A lot of improv, a lot of improvisers and the spirit of spontaniety.

Featuring acts:
Chicago Styled Longform Improv. Akbar Shehzad after returning from Chicao has embarked on a journey to bring Chicago to Karachi, come watch as he and his merry men act as your shamans to this spiritual journey. Featuring Hassaan, Osama Sami, Sohaib Ali Khan and Muneeb-ur-Rehman.

Hassaan's Improv Army:
Angry teenagers and their angrier coach making madness, mayhem and improv. The show is a mixture of slapstick, melo-drama, over-the-top antics, games of cat and mouse and a lot of fast paced comedy. The Improv Army is an ensemble act and will show you a universe in slivers of seconds.

Ayesha Hassaan Natalia:
Ayesha, Hassaan and Natalia have two things in common, first they love improv and secondly they identify as very Sindhi, in Hassaan's case because he lived in Sanghar. Come watch as these three through their scenes make you laugh, cry, the sindhi bit is irrelevant to the act or is it?

Hassaan Natalia Faiza:
How can an improv show be complete without short-form? How can it be complete without Faiza Saleem? Will she show up not? For all these answers come watch these three go crazy.

The show will feature a bunch of other combinations, keep following to stay updated.


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