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The Nest I/O, Karachi, Pakistan
Jul 08
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Guess who's back.

Back again.

JD's back.

Tell a friend!

That's right, FINALLY, JD has come back to The Nest to do his hour long standup show!

One whole year after quitting his startup, the prodigal nestling has returned to bring you stories from his life that will make you ROFLMAOTOGUBSFDABTHFJI (roll on the floor laughing my ass off trying to get up but still falling down again because that's how funny JD is).

Where has he been?

What has he been doing?

Why did he quit the world of startups to do comedy instead?

What is the meaning of life?

Find out the answers to all of these questions (except maybe the last one) at JD's Ghantay Ka Show as after performing his unique brand of comedy all over Karachi, JD finally brings it to the place where it all began, The Nest I/O.

Tickets: Rs. 500/- 

Date: 8th July, 2017

Time: 6 PM.

Location: The Nest I/O

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